For Objet, Bigger is Better

For Objet, Bigger is Better

On November 28, 2012, Objet launched the Objet1000 at Euromold 2012.

The 3D Printing giants for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing announced the release of their largest 3D printer to date.

The Objet1000 features a 1000 x 800 x 500 mm (39.3 x 31.4 x 19.6 inches) build area with dual sliding doors enclosing it.

“As our largest ever 3D printing system, the Objet1000 takes advanced inkjet 3D printing technology to the nextcale,” said Objet CEO David Reis. “The system enables our customers in a range of industries to now quickly and effectively prototype anything at full size, 1:1 scale, from whole airplane and automobile assemblies to complete household appliances.”

The Objet1000 can support all industries previously handled by 3D printers, however, it provides extra benefits to industries that use larger parts. According to Objet, the automotive, defense, aerospace, industrial machinery, consumer goods and household appliance sectors as well as high-end service bureaus that need to create industrial size or 1:1 scale prototypes.

Objet’s newest 3D printer can print large models with no compromise on accuracy. Like the Connex family of 3D printers, the Objet1000 possesses multi-material printing capabilities. This provides users with unparalleled ease-of-use and an ultra cost efficient product development cycle. Users will benefit from fit, form and function testing on a larger scale, with prolonged unattended operation.

As for resin, the Objet1000 can support six resin cartridges at a time. This means it can handle 108 kg of material at one time!

If you are familiar with other Objet 3D printers, you will have no further job preparation, as the Objet1000 mimics the Connex’s machine preparation and software.

One of the major changes from other Objet 3D printing processes is in the model unloading. Users now use an unload cart to help support heavier builds. The build tray rolls out from the machine and locks into the cart for safe transportation.

Removing support material has also been adapted for larger parts. Objet has incorporated a Cart interface, a tray rolls into the water jet table, a rotating table and support removal openings.

Reis concluded, “the Objet1000 is the next step in the 3D printing revolution”.

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