Objet Breaks the 100 Materials Milestone!

Objet Breaks the 100 Materials Milestone!

On June 20, 2012, Objet announced the release of 39 new "Digital Materials" to their 3D Printing material line-up. This announcement brings the total number of materials they can print in 3D to an astonishing 107! The new additions will enhance product development cycles worldwide. With enhanced customization, colours and all-around end-product improvements, Objet has solidified its stance as the industry leader for 3D printing.

Check out this official Objet video highlighting the new capabilities of its materials.



The new digital materials allow you to build anything with rigid to rubber-like properties (texture). You can print from normal to ABS-grade engineering plastic (toughness) and also from transparent to opaque, (clarity and shades).


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