Proto3000 Announces 3D Printing Foundations Course

Proto3000 Announces 3D Printing Foundations Course

3D Printing Foundations is designed to provide you with the an understanding of additive manufacturing.

The additive manufacturing industry continues to grow at a rapid pace. Continued investment in materials and process research is leading to the adoption of additive manufacturing in various industries. It continues to provide significant ROI as the North American demand for high customization, short-run production and design freedom continues to increase.

3D Printing Foundations is part of Proto3000 3DU, a training and education program designed to increase the intellectual capital of individuals in regards to 3D technology.


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How 3D Printing WorksDifferent 3D Printing Processes
How 3D Printing Works
Different 3D Printing Processes
and Materials
3D Printing Product Development Process3D Printing Certificate
3D Printing Uses in the Product Development ProcessCertificate of Completion will be provided

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