The Rebrand

Proto3000 Logo

The Rebrand

The Proto3000 Rebrand

In early 2016 Proto3000 decided to rebrand in order to visually fall in line with the customer experience we provide and be true to our nature as a forward-thinking advanced manufacturing company. We made several changes including the logo, typemark, and our colour palette.

The Logo

As a very tech-forward company we felt our logo had to express that and give off an innovative vibe. Which is why we transitioned from the old word-based logo to a new fresh look. The hexagonal P from a 2D perspective creates the letter ‘P’ for Proto3000. However, when considered as a 3-dimensional object it creates a cube, representative of our 3D printing and 3D scanning expertise.


We converted our old logo into a symbol and typemark combination, allowing for a lot more versatility than previous versions. The wording itself was converted to a cleaner more simplistic font to maintain legibility and the tech-forward feel regardless of scale. It was also divided up between a blue ‘Proto’ and Silver ‘3000’ to pay homage to the original logo, while avoiding any visual confusion between letters an numbers

Colour Palette

We have expanded and standardized our colour palette to strengthen the visual recognition of our brand. Our Palette consists of blues, representative of several of our company beliefs. We chose blues to display our loyalty to our customers and the integrity of the brand, while, again reinforcing the technological and innovative nature of Proto3000. We implemented grey for consistency across several mediums. Whether it is for print, or digital the variations of grey can be used on almost any backing while avoiding the harsh bold appearance of a black font.

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