Game-Changing Social Innovation, Team SOCCKET

Game-Changing Social Innovation, Team SOCCKET




With the tools now more readily available than ever for product development, individuals are collaborating for the greater good. Social innovation continues to be a driving force in global change. Uncharted Play is one of those special organizations that has combined engineering and ingenuity into a game-changing product.  


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Take a look at some other social innovation projects.


Open Hand Project 3D Printing Prosthetic Hand  The Open-Hand Project

Making robotic prosthetic hands more accessible to people who need them, one 3D print at a time.

3D Printed SnowGlobe

Emma's Magic Arms 3D Printed WREX Stratasys 

3D Printing a Second Chance

3D printing technology has evolved at a rapid rate over recent years. It has helped industries spanning from automotive to jewelry. For one four-year-old, it has given her a chance to give hugs again.

3D Printed Kryptonite

3D Printed Baby Head Brain Surgical Guide  Four Fascinating 3D Printing Projects

Swimming like an octopus, repairing bones, organ transplants and reducing the spread of disease are all being aided by 3D printing. Find our how here.

3D Printed Kryptonite




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