Solid Edge Becomes The First CAD System to Publish Directly to GrabCAD

Solid Edge Becomes The First CAD System to Publish Directly to GrabCAD

Wednesday, June26, 2013 — GrabCAD announced that Siemens Solid Edge software has become the first CAD software that enables users to transfer their work directly to GrabCAD. P3K Solutions offers more information on Computer Aided Design (CAD).

With over 705,000 members, GrabCAD is a CAD-industry leader boasting over 230,000 CAD files in the depths of its vast library. The library can be populated by anyone, making access to powerful files a click away.

“GrabCAD’s library is the highest quality free library of 3D models available on the internet,” said Tommy Mueller, 3D modelling engineer at PDX Effects.

“Spanning intuitive designs and inspiration from across the globe, it will change the possibilities of business and art forever.”

Users across the world are usng the library as a source to share their unique creations to make designing in CAD easier and more accessible to everyone.

Another feature, called “GrabCAD Workbench,” allows users to instantly share CAD files and collaborate with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

With Siemens – and Solid Edge – on board now, it’s even easier for you to transfer CAD files directly. Just select “Publish to GrabCAD” in Solid Edge and you’re ready to go.  It will be ready in accordance with the Solid Edge ST6 release, which ships in July.

In the near future, users will be able to import models directly from GrabCAD into Solid Edge. This will further simplify efforts for engineers, designers and enthusiasts to collaborate and share.

“GrabCAD gives engineers more capabilities, more efficiencies, and more opportunities,” said Dan Flores, mechanical designer at Lantech.

“I personally cannot imagine staying in my field of work without having access to GrabCAD and its community.”

In a statement, GrabCAD said, “We’re thrilled that partners like Luxion and Siemens are helping to make it easy to share and collaborate using GrabCAD.”


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