Stonehenge Gets 3D Laser Scanned

Stonehenge Gets 3D Laser Scanned

While some mysteries of Stonehenge may never be revealed, 3D Laser Scanning technology is doing its part to help uncover new elements.

The UK’s York Archaeological Trust was recently commissioned to use contemporary technology to spatially and digitally record England’s historic Stonehenge.

3D Laser Scanning services are being used more and more every day as improved accuracy, portability and ease-of-use make it easy for anyone to use industry leading scanners.

They used 3D Laser Scanning technology to gather over 850 gigabytes of data! Data was collected with 0.5mm point cloud spacing on the entire structure, to ensure great accuracy.

It’s true – ancient Stonehenge was operated on by the newest 3D laser scanning technology and some breathtaking results were observed!

The resulting data was imported using CAD software and was then able to be interpreted and analyzed. After crunching the data, 72 carvings depicting Bronze Age tools were found. This is even more astonishing as the highly observed Stonehenge has been hiding these carvings from the naked eye for thousands of years.

Information gathered from the scanning project will be used in displays at a new Stonehenge visitors center set to open later this year.






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