E-Book Download: Design with Brilliance

E-Book Download: Design with Brilliance

Unleash Your Creativity and Design with Brilliance
E-Book Download

Ask anyone in business, higher education or the medical community what their top objectives are and they’ll probably say it’s to achieve more, to solve more problems, faster than what’s possible now, while saving money in the process. Ask what’s holding them back and you’ll probably find a diverse variety of obstacles in their day-to-day work processes that hinder them in meeting those goals.

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Having the right tools to do the job is one crucial element in solving problems and becoming more efficient and productive. Additive manufacturing, widely known as 3D printing, is one of those tools that has helped businesses, educators, health care providers and researchers improve how they design, manufacture and perform research.

While no tool is an all-in-one solution, 3D printing is a strong step in that direction, particularly in its most sophisticated forms. 3D printing makes it possible to manufacture things that aren’t feasible with traditional processes like machining or injection molding. It creates models, prototypes, tools and some finished products faster and with fewer constraints, empowering designers to make better-informed decisions, refine their designs more quickly, and get products to market sooner.

When it comes to solving problems at the busy intersection between the mind and the physical world, the Stratasys J750 does amazing things.

Download this eBook to learn about new possibilities for engineers, designers, educators and physicians, including:

  • More thorough surgery preparation
  • Lower-risk medical device validation
  • More deeply engaged students
  • Faster product development
  • More effective sales demos
  • More efficient research labs
  • More productive manufacturing facilities
  • Less ambiguity, uncertainty and guesswork for all

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