Meet The New Fortus 450mc and Fortus 380mc

Meet The New Fortus 450mc and Fortus 380mc

2015 New Product Launch: The Fortus 380mc and 450mc
New Product Launch



Leverage state-of-the-art ease of use and speed

The all-new Fortus 380mc and 450mc 3D Production Systems give you optimal performance and a user-friendly interface for quick and easy functional prototyping, production tooling and end-use parts, directly from your CAD files.

Benefit from advanced FDM-powered additive manufacturing to match your production demands:

Fortus 3D Production Systems

The new Fortus 3D Production Systems build complex geometries faster than previous systems. 

  • Fortus 380mc: for high-performance prototyping and production tooling in a variety of standard and engineering thermoplastics, at a great value.

  • Fortus 450mc: for high performance with a larger build envelope and the most advanced FDM thermoplastics; ideal for mid-sized functional prototypes, production aids and end-use parts in specialized materials.

  • Both new Fortus Systems offer the latest FDM advancements inside and out, for improved ease of use and speed.


Download the e-book “The Fortus Profit Potential: Six applications that can boost your bottom line” and discover how to push the boundaries of production with Fortus 3D Production Systems.

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