Endur – Brand New Polypropylene 3D Printing Material

Endur – Brand New Polypropylene 3D Printing Material

Polyjet Endur – Simulated Polypropylene 

The new Endur 3D printing material is designed to look and function like Polypropylene. Watch the following video to understand the benefits of Endur, its material properties and the applications you can expect to undertake with this material. 

3D Printed Tweezers Endur Polyjet 3D Printing Material3D Printed Pill Box Endur polyjet 3D Printing Material3D Printed Pill Box Open Endur polyjet 3D Printing Material

Some of the features of the new Endur material include fine details and surface finish excellent for highly detailed models and fit, form and function testing. From left to right; 3D printed tweezers, and pill box. 

Endur has the chemical and material characteristics and composition to give models and prototypes a polypropylene-like look, feel and functionality.

Endur is a tough material that offers both high impact resistance and superior elongation at break. Endur also has high heat-deflection temperature properties up to 129°F/ 54°C, and excellent dimensional stability. It comes in a standard bright white colour, and like all polyjet materials has an excellent surface finish.

Common applications with Endur include rapid prototyping for fit, form, and function testing, prototypes that require flexible features, and toughness. Assemblies, moving parts, and snap features are also attractive applications to due to the toughness and accuracy of the final print. Endur is ideal for consumer goods, electronics and household appliances, lab equipment and automotive parts.

Endur is currently available on all Objet EdenV, Objet Connex, Objet500 Connex3, and Objet30 Pro 3D Printers as well as through our Rapid Prototyping Services.

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