Double or Nothing

Double or Nothing

One Canister: Double the Material

Proto3000 is happy to introduce the new Xtend 184 double capacity material canister for the Fortus line of 3D Production Systems. Unattended operation of 3D printers is one of the main advantages in direct digital manufacturing. If you own a Fortus 3D Production System you can now double your unattended operation time by switching over to the new Xtend 184 Canister.

With spring just around the corner, this new option is perfect for unattended weekend operations or high volume 3D printing. What’s more, the Xtend 184 Canister provides more than 100 hours of run-time combined with a 5% reduction in material unit price. 

The canister is available for a number of production grade thermoplastics that Stratasys offers. 

Xtend 184 FDM Fortus Production Systems Material Canisters

Here’s a snapshot of features and benefits:

About the Xtend 184 Canister:

  • 2 times the material volume in the same sized canister
  • System interactions reduced by half
  • Unattended weekend operation
  • 5% cheaper per unit of material
  • No special upgrade or material option required
  • Available for Fortus 360mc,400mc & 900mc 3D Production Systems & legacy FDM systems that use a metal canister.
  • Currently available for ABS-M30 (natural and black), Polycarbonate, and ULTEM™ 9085 (tan) thermoplastic resin.

​​For more information or to place an order be sure to contact your Proto3000 account representative.


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