Microsoft’s Xbox One had 3D Printed Prototypes

Microsoft’s Xbox One had 3D Printed Prototypes


Microsoft is using 3D printing again! As we reported in February 2012, the technology giant actively uses 3D printers in their product development efforts.

On May 21st, Microsoft launched its next generation video game console in Washington. Don Mattrick, Microsoft's president of interactive entertainment business, said the company has spent the past four years working on the "all-in-one home entertainment system for a new generation." 

The Xbox One has been redesigned and was prototyped numerous times during product development. Michael Wolf, founder and chief analyst of NextMarket Insights, said there was a lot of 3D printing involved in the design of new Xbox One.

"The company can turn around up to two design cycle iterations in a single day," says Wolf. "If someone had a design for, say, a new console controller at 8 AM, the 3D printing center could have a design prototype back by noon. If they got feedback within an hour, they could print a new design by 5 PM."

These quick turnaround times permitted many design iterations.

"One Microsoft employee estimated they did about two hundred or so 3D printed design prototypes for their new controller," continued Wolf.

Here at Proto3000, we have performed many similar 3D printing services with ultra-quick turnaround times.

The new Xbox One is expected to launch "later this year." However, no details on timing or pricing were provided.




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