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Proto3000 connects companies and individuals to the tools they need in order to achieve greater capability, scalability, and efficiency. We are a company rooted in providing solutions, and through the development of our product and service portfolio, we are committed to finding the one that is right for you. Having worked with thousands of companies, from various industries, we have gained an understanding of the demands required in research and development, product development, and manufacturing. Our suite of solutions have been carefully selected to ensure that you can meet these demands, while positioning your business for sustainable growth and a competitive advantage. 
Our business operates in four international market segments; Product Development, Manufacturing, Engineering, and Dentistry.

Our Solution Portfolio Includes: 3D Printing, Reverse Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, Additive Manufacturing, Direct Digital Manufacturing, 3D Scanning, Metrology and 3D CAD Design.

Product Development

Proto3000 provides the product development tools needed to compete in one of the most demanding business segments, often at the core of many of today's leading companies. Superior product innovation, efficiency, and time to market are the core strengths that define leadership in this segment. Our product portfolio provides access to processes such as rapid prototyping, 3D printing, 3D laser scanning, and 3D CAD design, which are essential in achieving design validation in as short a turnaround as possible. Many of our offerings are used by today's forward looking companies, who can attest to the impact these tools have had on their ability to produce the most innovate products available. 


Additive manufacturing is slowly becoming the future of production. The freedom of design that is capable with many rapid prototyping and 3D printing technologies today serves as the foundation for endless possibilities in short-run production. The near elimination of economies of scale mean North America can once again be at the forefront of manufacturing, and maintain profitability. Jobs and products can be created, all close to home. Proto3000 is committed to leading the adoption of additive manufacturing technologies in today's manufacturing processes. From minimizing defects, to automation software, Proto3000 provides the solution for your manufacturing line to make the digital transition. 


Proto3000 for the longest time was considered a 3D engineering solutions provider. Before expanding our business offerings, our focus was in the engineering tools that were currently shaping innovation. The technology itself is a real feat of engineering, but the applications that stem from it, are the backbone of engineering  itself. 3D technologies have added a new dimension to designing and creating, literally. With computer aided design software serving as the new interface for sketching designs, 3D printing or rapid prototyping is the new benchmark for envisioning them. Proto3000 also offers a variety of simulation testing equipment, including FEA analysis tools, and functional prototypes that make the life of an engineer much easier. 


A smile says a lot, especially one with teeth replicated from zirconia. It says that someone else has adopted digital dentistry in their current dental practice, and joined the digital wave sweeping the dental industry. As a leading Digital Dental Solutions firm, Proto3000 provides Digital Technology Solutions to enhance the capabilities of dental labs and dental professionals. We offer a full suite of Digital Dental Workflow Products that allow labs to transform digital scans into dental restorations and virtual models for milling and 3D Printing. As a partner with 3M ESPE, we are able to provide the latest technological innovations, so dental labs have access to milling the latest materials.

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