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The Eden 3D Printer Series

Build precise prototypes with outstanding efficiency. With build trays varying in size, and  15 materials, the Eden series delivers outstanding productivity.


The Eden Series:

High Resolution 3D Printers

Stratasys Objet Eden260V 3D Printer Stratasys Objet Eden260VS 3D Printer Stratasys Objet Eden350V 3D Printer Stratasys Objet Eden500V 3D Printer

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Stratasys Eden260V Rapid Prototyping Machine

Eden260V High Resolution 3D Printer

Unprecedented Return on Investment, Superior 3D Printing.
With a choice of over 17 different materials, and 16 micron layer resolution, the Objet Eden260V 3D Printer will immediately become a favored member of your product development team. Exceptional detail, complex geometries and ultra thin walls are no match for the rapid prototyping capability of this compact unit.

Stratasys Objet Eden260V 3D Printer Brochure
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Stratasys Objet Eden260V 3D Printer Brochure Information
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Details & Specifications

The Award Winning Dental and Office Environment 3D Printer

Effectively compress your design to manufacturing cycle with the help of the Eden260V. This 3D printing system, which provides high quality prototypes at a low cost, is considered as one of the best printers suitable for the office environment. The accuracy of the Eden260V is seldom seen in lower costing 3D printers, making it an ideal solution for many 3D printing applications. Its cost effective nature, combined with unparalleled accuracy and a smaller footprint mean the Eden260V 3D Printer can easily meet your rapid prototyping needs. The Objet Eden260V offers high resolution in all axes with no difference on print speed. A choice of High Speed (HS) or High Quality (HQ) printing modes gives you maximum flexibility to achieve the quality you need in different time frames.


Model Materials

Transparent Rigid


Transparent (General Purpose)

Rigid Opaque


High Temperature


Stratasys Objet Eden 260V Technical Specifications


Dental Applications

The award winning Eden260V 3D Printer is widely recognized in the dental industry as a full dental solution. Winning the 2011 "Readers' Choice" for the Dental Labs Products Magazine left the Eden 260V 3D Printer as the only rapid prototyping machine to be recognized in the dental industry. 3D Printing is redefining the world of dentistry, making the transition to digital more affordable and practical. Its ability to integrate with existing intra-oral CAD data means the Eden260V does not require a drastic change of processes for adoption. 


Core Benefits of the Objet Eden260V 3D Printer

​With new applications being discovered everyday, the Eden260V 3D Printer still remains in-tune with its core strengths and benefits. These are:

  • ​Outstanding surface finishes with high resolution on fine details

  • High resolution in all axes

  • Builds any geometry in a fast, clean, and precise

  • Ideal for office and dental environments

  • Small footprint

  • low material costs

  • Successfully deliver smooth interior and exterior surfaces (including cavities)

  • Cancel out the post-build processing and finishing stages during the 3D printing process.

Product Highlights

The Eden260V makes use of the innovative Polyjet technology which can help you achieve a relatively shorter product development cycle as well as an intuitive and high quality solution for your printing needs. 

Without any apparent difference on its print speed, the Eden260V 3D Printer allows you to choose between two different printing modes available: The high quality printing mode, or the high speed printing mode. These two modes allow you to flexibly achieve the type of quality you need as well as meet the required timeframe. 

Unlike most 3D printers available, the Eden260V boasts of a compact footprint as well an exterior design that is both sleek and functional. The printer can support up to four 3.6 kg cartridges of material which allows unmanned operation for long periods. The Eden260V can run for 72 hours of continuous unattended printing at the least. This means you don’t need to hire a weekend operator to achieve a weekend’s worth of productivity. 

The Eden260V also offers a multitude of benefits other 3D printers available fail to offer: 

Fine details and exceptional software features – With horizontal layers of 16µ and thin walls down to 0.6mm, this 3D printing system is capable of providing high quality detail that only the best high quality printers can provide. 

Smooth and clean surface – its support material, which is easy to remove, enables geometries at any angle despite its sophistication. The Eden260V also eliminates post-building and finishing processes during 3D printing. 

The Eden260V is ideal for an office environment due to its safe, clean, and office friendly process. With its small footprint and its use of environmentally stable materials, the Eden260V is definitely on top of the list of the best and the most cost effective 3D printers available.



Stratasys Eden260VS Rapid Prototyping Machine

Eden260VS PolyJet 3D Printer

The Same High Resolution PolyJet 3D Printing, now with Soluable Support Removal
The Objet Eden 260V Is the latest in PolyJet technology with the same surface resolution and speed but now with soluable support removal. Automated support removal reduces post-processing steps and reaches internal voids that water-jetting can miss, making it ideal for models with delicate features or hard-to-reach cavities.

Stratasys Objet Eden260VS 3D Printer Brochure
Stratasys Objet Eden260VS 3D Printer Demo Request
Stratasys Objet Eden260VS 3D Printer Brochure Information
Stratasys Objet Eden260VS 3D Printer Price Quote Canada



Stratasys Objet Eden350 350V Rapid Prototyping System The Objet Eden350/350V High Resolution 3D Printers
Best in Class for Productivity, Flexibility and Resolution.
The Objet Eden350/350V utilize Stratasys' advanced Eden 3D printing platform, providing the market's most productive, flexible and high-quality results Eden350/350V enable horizontal layers of just 16-microns (0.0006"), exceptionally fine details, and ultra-thin walls down to 0.6mm, all during unattended 3D printing. 
Stratasys Objet Eden350/350V 3D Printer Brochure
Stratasys Objet Eden350/350V 3D Printer Demo Request
Stratasys Objet Eden350/350V 3D Printer Brochure Information
Stratasys Objet Eden350/350V 3D Printer Price Quote Canada


Details & Specifications

The Eden 3D Printers - Versatile Systems Delivering High Productivity and High Quality in an Office Environment.
As the successors of the popular Eden330, the Eden350 & 350V allow you to produce high quality models rapidly and conveniently. With superior productivity and speed, as well as the availability of different printing modes, both these printers can be your best choice. 
These professional grade machines are full rapid prototyping solutions. Like all Polyjet machines, these systems produce unparalleled results, yet have features most suited for office environments. These easy-to-use machines are relatively independent, being able to be left for extended periods of time without supervision. The Eden350/350V 3D Printer has cost efficient traits minimizing the use of materials and maximizing the use of time. 

Material Options: Transparent, PMMA-like materials, Rigid Opaque, Polypropylene-like, Rubber-like, and High temperature materials. 

Stratasys Objet Eden350 Eden350V Technical Specs

The Eden350/350V 3D Printer Core Benefits
  • Supports up to four jumbo material cartridges which can hold 3.6kg each. 
  • Clean, smooth surfaces, with outstanding surface finishing 
  • Can run for at least 72 hours without the need for an operator. The printer is capable of a full week of unattended operation eliminating the need to hire an operator on off days. 
  • No need to get dirty as the printers provides a clean and non contact material handling system that requires no effort or any operating requirements. 
  • Easy switching feature between High Quality Mode and High Speed Printing Modes. 

The Eden350/350V 3D Printer Product Highlights
  • These exceptional 3D printers from Objet which makes use of the advanced Eden platform provides you with high quality and flexible printing services that will leave you more than satisfied. 
  • Based on the photopolymer jetting technology from Objet’s PolyJet system, the 350 and 350V offers super fine and exceptional details similar to the ones provided by expensive printers only large manufacturers can afford. The technology used by these 3D printers makes use of horizontal layers that are of just 16-microns as well as ultra-thin walls that are down to 0.1 – 0.3mm. 
  • The Eden350 and 350V are successors of the popular Eden330 which has been widely used by both large and small manufacturing segments as well as industry and automotive sectors. These two new versions offer high quality 3D models conveniently and rapidly throughout the CAD/CAM process. Both the 350 and 350V have a similar build size of 350 x 350 x 200mm, this allows the production of a single large model or even multiple small models all in just one build. 
  • These two 3D printers offer key benefits that are not present in most printers that also offer the same quality and capabilities. High quality mode printing is available on both the 350 and 350V as it boasts of a 600 dpi X and Y resolution. This allows the fast production of models even with high and complicated details. 
  • A feature only available on the Eden350V is the High Speed printing mode. This printing mode is able to produce the same quality printing of the High Quality mode but it is able to build horizontal layers of 30 layers twice as fast. This helps the users of the 3D printer to successfully match the quality and speed requirements needed by particular projects or applications. 
  • Both the Eden350 and the Eden350V supports the full line of FullCure materials. You can choose different types of materials like the VeroBlack, VeroWhite, VeroBlue, TangoBlack, TangoBlackPlus, and TangoGray which allows you to explore a wide range of 3D printing possibilities. These 3D printers allow different models and parts that possess a range of properties like break and elongation, flexibility, and color among others. 
  • The Eden350V is also designed for maximum productivity even if the printer is unattended. Jumbo material cartridges which can hold up to 3.8 kg material along with the automatic switching feature of cartridges allows you to stay productive without the need to hire additional operators as it offers at least 72 hours of non-stop building capacity.


    At Proto3000, we understand the limitless benefits that arise from 3D printing. The difficult part is making the public aware that they are only a few clicks from astonishing, beautiful 3D prints.

    From marketing models to functioning 3D prototypes that can be tested and modeled, there are countless applications that can be tackled. Below are only a few applications, to show the wide range of capabilities our Eden350/350V can handle. If you have an idea or specific application in mind, contact us today and let one of our engineers help you!Unattended Productivity

    - Print up to 72-hours unattended at a time. Increase productivity, even when your not at the office.
    - High Speed or High Quality Modes
    - If you are pressed for time, use the high speed mode to quickly complete your 3D Print. If time is not a concern,       print in High Quality mode.
    - Tremendous Accuracy in Models
    - Objet is an industry leader for a reason. Their Eden350/350V systems can print horizontal layers at an astonishing 0.0006” (16 microns).
    - Print your Model in a Wide Range of Materials

    The Eden350/350V has numerous material options for 3D printing. The 350 series supports the entire FullCure lineup of materials and suppoort materials, including the opaque VeroBlue, VeroWhitePlus™ and VeroBlack, TangoGray, TangoBlack, TangoBlackPlus, FullCure720 Transparent and FullCure Support.



The Objet Eden500V High Resolution 3D Printer

More production, less time from one powerful machine.
Streamline your product development cycle with this powerful, yet simple to use 3D Printer. it is the ideal solution for large-size model requirements or if high productivity is important. Its build size of up to 500 x 400 x 200mm eliminates the need to glue smaller pieces together for large models. It also lets users print multiple models on a single build tray simultaneously, vastly reducing print times.

Stratasys Objet Eden500V 3D Printer Brochure
Stratasys Objet Eden500V 3D Printer Demo Request
Stratasys Objet Eden500V 3D Printer Brochure Information
Stratasys Objet Eden500V 3D Printer Price Quote Canada


Details & Specifications

Quality, Versatility, and Accuracy - All in One Intuitive 3D Printer

The Eden500V is a fast, clean, and intuitive 3D printer suitable for the office environment. A full 3D Printing solution, the Eden500V 3D Printer puts large scale 3D modeling within reach. With its large tray size, and high output speeds, the Eden500V can get the job done. This printer can successfully eliminate additional costs and production time through innovative Polyjet technology, allowing it to print multi-part build trays all in one build. 

​Its superior accuracy in all axes, mean you are left with a 3D prototype with outstanding surface finishing even with fine details. The Eden500V Professional 3D Printer was designed with productivity in mind. The speed and build tray size is reflective of this, boasting a build tray of 500 x 400 x 200mm (19.3 x 15.4 x 7.9”), and 3D printing speeds of 20mm/hour/strip. 

The Eden series, like all other series', is also very easy to operate. It requires no special training or extra equipment. Plug it in, select your design, and watch it grow before your eyes.

The Eden500V 3D Printer Core Benefits
  • The highest resolution available in the market. This enables the production of high quality models without any loss of speed. 
  • Capable of producing 3D models with super fine details. A feature only an expensive 3D printer is able to provide. 
  • Eliminates finishing and post-build processes as well as delivers smooth exterior and interior surfaces with its high speed and high quality printing features. 
  • Outstanding surface finishing for fine details
  • ​Supports all FullCure materials 
  • Multiple printing modes for varying degrees of 3D Printing speed
  • At least 72 hours of unattended operation with jumbo material cartridges
  • Small footprint
  • Safe, clean, and office friendly process, without harmful waste, or toxic fumes
  • SHR™ (Single Head Replacement) enables easy, in-house replacement of individual jetting heads
  • PolyLog™ built-in materials management system facilitates production control and permits optimization of production management 
The Eden500V 3D Printer Product Highlights

If you are in need of 3D printers that is able to fulfill your large-size model requirements at a high production rate as well as a high quality requirement, then the Eden500V is a great choice to consider. 
With a build size of up to 500 x 400 x 200 mm, you no longer need to print your models separately and connect them piece by piece just to be able to create a large and detailed model. What makes this printer even better is that it also allows you to print multiple pieces of models all in just one build tray which means that you no longer need to spend more time printing small pieces separately. 

Fast, clean, and intuitive; these three words successfully describe the Eden500V for building of any type of geometry in an unfaltering precision. With the use of this printer, you will also be able to successfully cut down the product development cycle as well as decrease the time to market for new products. You can now present your ideas to your team successfully without facing any miscommunication problems. 

Unlike other 3D printers available, you can expect your models to have smooth and durable surfaces as well as an outstanding surface finish and fine details when the Eden500V is used for printing. 

The 500V can offer a high Y resolution axis of 600 dpi without any recognizable difference when it comes to its printing speed. Users can customize their flexibility while also achieving the quality they need on a given time-frame through being able to easily switch between High Quality and High Speed printing modes. 

When compared to other 3D printers now available, the Eden500V offers a sleek design with its exterior along with compact footprint. Not to mention the printer can support up to four 3.6kg jumbo cartridges which is suitable for unattended operations on weekends which can help you cut down on staffing costs while increasing productivity.
High productivity is also a notable feature offered by the Eden500V. With a feature that easily allows you to switch between High Quality and High Speed modes, you can successfully cut down your costs while also further improving your overall production speed. 

Among most 3D printers available, the Eden500V actually provides a multitude of benefits which are considered as breakthroughs. This printer offers the highest resolution in the market with an identical X and Y resolution of 600 dpi. You can expect your models to produce ultra- fine and excellent details without any loss of production speed, allowing you to realize the end results of your product through over-molding process simulation while eliminating complex curved surfaces. 

The Eden500V is definitely a great choice for a 3D printer to be used in an office environment as it allows you to produce prototypes that look as close as the end product. This can be achieved through processes like double injection and over-molding applications. 

With a small footprint which also makes use of safe, clean, and office-friendly processes as well as the use of environmentally stable and fully cured materials, you can easily manage and maintain this 3D printer.



Stratasys Eden Series 3D Printer Comparison

View Series Brochure
Printer Material Build Size Layer Thickness Size and Weight


Vero Family opaque, VeroClear, Tango Family rubber-like, Digital ABS, FullCure 720, DurusWhite, High Temperature 

19.3 x 15.4 x 7.9 in
(490 x 390 x 200 mm) 

± .0152 mm (.0006 in)
± .0254 mm. (.001 in) 

51.9 x 38.9x 47.2 in
(1320 x 990 x 1200 mm)

904 lbs. (410 kg) 


Vero Family opaque, VeroClear, Tango Family rubber-like, Digital ABS, FullCure 720, DurusWhite, High Temperature 

13.3 x 13.3 x 7.9 in
(340 x 340 x 200 mm) 

± .0152 mm (.0006 in)
± .0254 mm. (.001 in) 

51.9 x 38.9x 47.2 in
(1320 x 990 x 1200 mm)

904 lbs. (410 kg) 


Vero Family opaque, VeroClear, Tango Family rubber-like, Digital ABS, FullCure 720, DurusWhite, High Temperature 

10 x 9.9 x 7.9 in
(255 x 252 x 200 mm) 

± .0152 mm (.0006 in)
± .0254 mm. (.001 in) 

34.2 x 28.9 x 47.2 in
(870 x 735 x 1200 mm)

904 lbs. (410 kg) 


Eden Series Materials

Rubber Rapid Prototyping With Stratasys Eden 3D Printers

Trasnparent Rapid Prototyping with Stratasys Eden 3D Printers

Rigid Opaque 3D Printing Materials With Objet 3D Printers

Polypropylene-like Rapid Prototyping Materials Eden 3D Printers

High Temperature Resistant Rapid Prototyping Materials Eden



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