Simulating Overmolding

Utilize our 3D printing Polyjet technology to print two 
or more materials simultaneously within one prototype. 






3D Printing - Simulating Overmolding Solutions Process 


Combine more than one materials in the process of Simulating Overmolding to create a distinct look for your prototypes. Offering over 150 Polyjet materials, your model will represent the end result of how it will look after being manufactured. Contact the Proto3000 Services Team for further information on how we can help you with this solution. If you want to speak to a LIVE PERSON - CALL 1-888-88-PROTO (77686). 
Process 1.  Having a 2D design or a sketch is an important step for our 3D engineers.Sketch what you want your overmolded part to look like, in order to set the guidelines for our team to follow.       Process 2. Turn your sketch into a 3D CAC design, with overmolding characteristics put in consideration.
Process 3.  Turn your CAD design into a 3D printed prototype with simulating overmolding. Insert molding is a two–step process. First, the rigid substrate is molded. It is then placed in a mold cavity on another injection molding machine and TPE is shot directly over the substrate. However, multi–shot molding takes place on an injection molding press that shoots multiple materials in a single operation. This allows the TPE to be overmolded immediately following the molding of the substrate.        Process 4. After cleaning excess support material, you now have a fully functional prototype. By using the production methods and materials, the prototype possesses the same qualities as the final product.



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