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Geometric Inspection Software
Inspector V12

Optimizing the extraction of geometric entities on digitized models and accelerating the development of CAD models in your professional business. 
Inspector Probing V12 

The rising star in the world of portable probing metrology software, from the market leaser in industrial point cloud metrology. 

PowerINSPECT is the world’s leading hardware-independent inspection software. 
It provides 
a single platform for all of your inspection needs, boosting flexibility and minimising training costs.

Geomagic Control 
(Formerly Known as Geomagic Qualify V12)

​Geomagic Control is delivering the highest accuracy, speed and comprehensive reporting on the quality of as-built parts for rst-article and 
production inspection, and supplier management.
Qualify PROBE

Geomagic Qualify Probe delivers the most 
easy-to-use, aordable, 3D inspection and 
metrology software that works exclusively 
with probing data.
Geomagic Verify
(Formerly Known as Rapidform XOV)

The most CAD friendly inspection software. 
Scan your part and have a comprehensive CAD comparison in minutes!


Improve Product Quality and reduce design iterations with quick part inspections at your desk. 
Not sure which Geometric Inspection Software
 is right for you? 

Feel Free to


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