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MakerBot 3D Printed Parts

A Maker's Best Friend

With the freedom of design comes the freedom to create. When the right tools are in the hands of innovative people, the impossible can happen. A Makerspace just isn't complete without a 3D printer. Time to meet some makers.

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Start Small, or GO BIG

Our 3D printing systems range from introductory to experimental, addressing a range of applications and capacity. Whether your looking for big capability or a small footprint, our 3D printer line-up has fit for you. Consult with our 3D Printing Implementation Specialists for a product overview.

Learn More Makerspace 3D Printer Line-up
Makerspace MakerBot 3D Printer Lineup

dextrus 3D printed open hand project Give Maker's a Helping Hand

3D printers are used throughout the product development and hobbyist communities. They have a variety of different applications and a knack for creating more efficient processes. To name a few:

Concept Development
Rapid Prototyping
Visualization Aids
Communication Tools
Marketing Models
Replacement Parts
End-use Parts

The list goes on...


Let's Reinvent Education
3D Printing changes the way we interpret, create and learn. When implemented correctly it creates an environment of project-based learning, experimental in nature, but with real-life applications. By providing students with the tools required for creative problem solving, they are well positioned for careers in industrial design, architecture, manufacturing or engineering. Proto3000 can assist your school in ushering in STEM based education programs to better prepare students for STEM based careers. 

MakerBot 3D Printed T-rex for Education

MakerBot Story:
Brooklyn Technical High School

Brooklyn Technical High School isone of the largest specialized high schools for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) based education in the United States. Tom Curanovic and Vishnu Sanigepalli talk about how the addition of their MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer for rapid prototyping is transforming their computer-integrated manufacturing lab.


MakerBot Story:
The Browning School

At the Browning School technology integration has become a core part of the schools culture. 

The addition of the 3D printer has been a start in increasing the technological content of the students curriculum. Today, tours of the K-12 school for parents of prospective students make an obligatory stop at the technology lab. "From seeing it as a potential force that might wreck the finances of the school," Clement says, he has come to see how technology "can open up worlds."



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