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Plastic Materials


Simulate engineering and standard plastics with our lineup of Polyjet, FDM and SLA materials. Create tensile, durable and strong prototypes and concept models with additive manufacturing applications. Our plastic material selection expands into colour options as well as Polyjet Multi-material colour printing.

FDM Colour Printing

ABS-M30 and ABSplus are materials which have been designed for creating durable and strong prototypes and models, while looking the part during a tradeshow or an idea presentation. Create multi-coloured prototypes with ABS-M30 and ABSplus for your next project. ULTEM*9085 and PPSF materials are available to be printed in a gold colour. 

Polyjet Multi-Material Colour Printing

A Polyjet 3D printer is capable of using 14 materials simultaneously. Since a prototype or model is printed in one print job, there is no need for assembly. However, differentiating between parts of a model can be easily down by printing with different coloured or textured materials. Combine high temperature Polyjet materials with rubber-like plastics to produce rigid functional materials with the availability to feature high temperature resistance. 


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Combine Vero family and the Tango (Rubber-Like) family of materials to create a more durable, and aesthetic multi-material concept models and marketing prototypes. Combine high-temperature and Rubber-Like materials to produce rigid functional materials featuring higher temperature resistance and over-molding. The Polyjet materials offered by Proto3000 are available for multi-material 3D printing with 14 materials printed simultaneously onto one print tray. Choose from more than 100 composite digital materials constructed by our lineup of Stratasys 3D Printers.
  Colour Availability

White, Grey, Blue, Black and Translucent
TangoBlackPlus™   VeroWhitePlus™ 
A40, 50, 60, 70, 85 and 95   GREY 20, 25, 35, 40, 50 and 60 



ABS-M30 is a production-grade thermoplastic, which allows you to print in 6 different colours. Using Fused Deposition Modeling technology, its the lowest cost material within the thermoplastic family. ABS-M30 has strong mechanical properties since the layer bonding is significantly stronger than in standard ABS materials.
Colour Availability
Ivory, White, Black, Grey,
Red and Blue
FDM  ABSplus

3D Print in 9 different base colours when using the ABSplus material. It is an affordable thermoplastic material which offers great flexibility to engineers and designers. 3D print the parts in different colours prior to assembly to give your prototypes finishing touches during the 3D printing process. The prototype will perform just as durable as the finished product.
Colour Availability
Ivory, White, Black, Grey, 
Red, Blue, Green,
Orange and Yellow
FDM  Polycarbonate (PC) 

Introducing a strong engineering plastic that is build to endure heavy duty work. The Polycarbonate (PC) material enables engineers and designers to create durable parts in-house for manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, commercial and other industries. PC is an accurate and stable material offered in white colour that withstands functional testing. It has superior mechanical properties to a few other thermoplastics.
  Colour Availability

FDM  Polycarbonate-ABS (PC-ABS)  

PC-ABS is one of the most widely used industrial thermoplastics. The combination of Polycarbonates and  ABS allow the Fortus FDM machines to 3D print manufacturing tools and parts with a superior heat resistance, a higher strength capacity and the flexibility of the ABS material.
  Colour Availability


A thermoplastic material which is the strongest, most heat resistant biocompatible material available for Fused Deposition Modeling. It is gamma (radiation) and ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilizable and complies with 10993 and USP Class IV. The material is ideal for products which require higher strength biocompatibility and sterilization.
  Colour Availability

White and Translucent

Polyphenylsulfone (PPSF) is a material with high heat and chemical resistance. It has good mechanical strength and resistance to petroleum and chemical solvents. It is gamma (radiation) and ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilizable. It works with breakaway support material that can be easily cleaned in the Fortus Finishing Touch Smoothing Station. Ideal for producing medical devices for sterilization.
  Colour Availability

FDM  ULTEM* 9085

The ULTEM* 9085 is a flame retardant high performance thermoplastic designed for direct digital manufacturing and rapid prototyping. It is mostly ideal for the transportation industry. It has a high strength to weight ratio and great FTS rating (flame, smoke, toxicity). 
  Colour Availability

Gold and Black

Polyjet Digital ABS 

Digital ABS is fabricated from RGD515 and RGD535 and is designed to simulate engineering plastics by combining material qualities of durability and high-temperature resistance. Digital ABS is a material which simulates parts that require high-impact resistance and shock-absorption. Digital ABS Materials are ideal for functional prototyping, snap-fit parts for high or low temperature usages, electrical parts, casings, mobile telephone casings and engine parts and covers.
Colour Availability


Polyjet Digital Materials

Combine durable and high quality materials into one prototype for best results. The 100plus material combinations are created based on 17 primary Polyjet Photopolymers. Simulate products made of elastomers and rubber by creating Digital Materials with a Full Shore A scale range (indicates how rigid the digital material is). 
Colour Availability

Black and White

Polyjet Vero Materials  

The Vero family of rigid and opaque materials includes VeroWhitePlus™, VeroGray™, VeroBlue™ and VeroBlackPlus™. Vero materials are durable and intended for high-detailed projects, such as creating moving and assembled parts, assembling electronic components and silicon molding. Combining rigid opaque and rubber-like materials, the Polyjet Vero family of materials is ideal for standard plastics simulation and model creation that closely resemble the look of an end product. 
Colour Availability
White, Grey, Blue, Black
and Translucent

Polyjet Rubber-Like Materials 

The Polyjet Family of rubber-like materials includes TangoGray™, TangoBlack™, TangoPlus™ and TangoBlackPlus™, which have various levels of elastomer characteristics. Shore scale A hardness, elongation at break, tensile strength and tear resistance characteristics make the materials suitable for different applications. 
If you require non-slip or soft surfaces, the Tango materials are the perfect solution. 
Colour Availability

Grey, Black
and Translucent

Polyjet Transparent Materials

RGD720 and VeroClear™ are Polyjet multi-purpose transparent materials. RGD720 is used to simulate standard plastic while VeroClear™ is a rigid and colourless material with great durability. 
Colour Availability


Polyjet High Temperature Materials 

The Polyjet RGD525 has exceptional dimensional stability for thermal function testing of static 3D-models. The high-temperature material has a heat deflection temperature (HDT) of 63–67 °C (145-153 °F) upon removal from the printer which can be increased to 75-80°C (167-176 °F) after thermal post treatment in a programmable oven. 
Colour Availability

White and Ivory

Polyjet Polypropylene 

DurusWhite™, a Polyjet Polypropylene material is ideal for a broad range of applications that require appearance, flexibility, strength and toughness. Properties include Izod notched impact of 44 J/m, elongation at break of 44% and flexural modulus of 1026 MPa.
Colour Availability

Cloudy White
and Light Grey

Polyjet Biocompatible and Dental Materials 

The MED610 - Clear, the MED670-VeroDent and the MED690-VeroDentPlus are biocompatible dental materials which are perfect for creating high quality, smooth surface dental models. The materials are capable of being printed with ultra-thin 16 micron layer accuracy.
Colour Availability


SLA  Accura Bluestone 

The Accura Bluestone is a durable and stiff nano-composite material. It has high temperature resistance and high humidity resistance capabilities. You can create highly precise parts with the Accura Bluestone material due to the material being exceptionally stiff and with no deformation under heavy loads.
Colour Availability



SOMOS® NeXt™ is a durable Stereolithography resin for accurate part production and fine feature detailing. NeXt™ material features Stereolithography accuracy and sintered-like durability, high feature detail, stiffness, outstanding moisture resistance and easy finishing and processing.

Colour Availability


SLA  SOMOS® 18420 

SOMOS® 18420 is an epoxy resin for stereolithography for solid state laser sintering. SOMOS® 18420 is a white liquid ABS-like photopolymer material that produces accurate parts ideal for general purpose applications. It offers superior chemical resistance, a wide processing latitude and outstanding tolerance to a broad range of temperatures and humidities. 

Colour Availability


SLA  SOMOS® 9120 

SOMOS® 9120 is a robust and highly accurate epoxy resin. Created for Stereolithography, the liquid material offers superior chemical resistance and an excellent tolerance to broad temperatures and humidity range during and after assembly. Parts created with SOMOS® 9120 possess characteristics such as strong memory retention and high quality surfaces. The material becomes rigid and is ideal for master patterns in rubber molding applications.

Colour Availability

SLA  WaterShed® XC 11122 

WaterShed® XC 11122 is a low viscosity liquid photopolymer, which produces strong, tough and water resistant ABS-like parts. As a colour-less material, WaterShed® XC has many properties that mimic traditional engineering plastics such as ABS and PBT. It is not only water resistant, it also has a high dimensional stability.
Colour Availability

Translucent with a 
Transparent Finish
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