Polyjet Matrix 3D Printing Services 

Accelerate your time-to-market. Use Polyjet Matrix 3D Printing prior to mass production. Here's everything you need to know...





PolyJet Matrix™ 3D Printing Services 

The product development and prototyping journey is normally a long one. With limitations in design and prototyping capabilities, often the prototype is far off from the final product, and more so your expectations. Say bye-bye to the rapid prototyping technologies of old and say hello to Polyjet Matrix 3D printing. Polyjet Matrix Technology opens the door to unlimited possibilities. Finally multiple material combinations can be created in a single build, in single machine. With this unique ability, parts and assemblies can be created with multiple materials and functional parts. Save ample time and money with access to Proto3000's Polyjet Matrix 3D printing services. Create your prototypes once, closely representing the end-use part, without having to return to the drawing board. Product development cycles are shortened, models are more accurate, and most importantly, our customer is happy. 

PolyJet Matrix™ Technology

A new direction in 3D printing, Polyjet Matrix 3D Printing technology is the first technology that enables simultaneous jetting of different types of model materials, available on the Objet Connex family of 3D Printing Systems.

PolyJet Matrix opens up virtually unlimited opportunities for closely emulating the look, feel and function of final products. It provides the technology foundation for cutting edge 3D printing systems that can, in a single build process, print parts and assemblies made of several materials with different mechanical and physical properties. More than that, PolyJet Matrix also allows on-demand fabrication of composite materials, called Digital Materials™

Expanding the innovation leadership position that Objet established with the launch of its original PolyJet Technology, this totally unique technology brings an unprecedented level of flexibility and efficiency to 3D printing.


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PolyJet Matrix 3D Printing Services Advantages

Multi-Material Parts

  • Simultaneous jetting of multiple materials into a single model
  • ​Combine rubber and rigid materials to replicate mechanical properties or increase the grayscale range
  • ​Excellent representation of the        end-use part

 A World of Materials

  • A variety of composite materials can be created to replicate color tones and functionality 
  • ​Create digital materials on the fly
  • ​Over 60 different materials with new ones being added 
  • Objet FullCure line of photopolymer resins

 Be Productive

  • Mixed trays with multiple models makes prototyping volume much more time-effective
  • The easily removed support material means your part is printed and cleaned within a reasonable time
  • High-speed 3D printing modes mean even last-minute jobs can be accommodated 



High Quality 3D Printing Services

  • Polyjet Matrix 3D printing services can be performed in 16 or 30 micron ultra-thin layers 
  • High resolution capabilities mean your 3D model will have smooth surfaces   and fine details
  • ​Slice on the-fly



Thin Walls and High Accuracy

  • Our 3D printing services can attain thin walls down to 0.02 inches (0.6 mm)
  • ​3D printing services are extremely accurate with the Connex line capable of 0.004 - 0.012 inch accuracy
  • Fit tolerances of 100 microns up to   300 microns (0.039 - 0.118 inches)

Limitations? I Think Not

  • Flexibility, impact strength, durability, transparency and resistance are all possibilities
  • mechanical properties and full functionality
  • ​New applications always being discovered




















Polyjet Matrix 3D Printing Services Core Benefits

  • Enables the on-the-fly fabrication of Digital Materials™ – Composite materials that closely emulate the mechanical properties of the target design
  • Enables the combination of black and white rigid materials, creating a wide range of grayscales suitable for consumer electronics and other applications
  • Eliminates the need to design, print and glue together separate model parts made with different materials in order to create a complete model, saving printing and post-processing time
  • Dramatically reduces the risk of error when creating complex molds for double injection by enabling the majority of testing to be performed on early stage prototypes instead of requiring silicon molds


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