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High Purity. High Efficiency. High Reliability Furnace for Debinding & Sintering Metal 3D Printed Parts

PureSinter vacuum furnace is Desktop Metal's latest innovation — it was designed and engineered for sintered powder metal applications with the capability of processing a wide range of metals and binders not just for sinter-based Additive Manufacturing but also for MIM, Powder Metallurgy or other sectors that could benefit from a high-purity vacuum furnace.
PureSinter™ is a 2-in-1 system for debinding and sintering metal parts to deliver ultra-high levels of purity.

PureSinter™ | All-New Vacuum for

One Run Debinding & Sintering

Ti-Tested™ for Purity

PureSinter consistently produces top-tier sintered parts that rival or surpass those from industrial furnaces, often with higher upfront and operational expenses. Sintering titanium is straightforward, eliminating the intricate preparations typically associated with alternative furnaces. With PureSinter, you can expect outstanding Ti-Tested™ performance.

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Clean and Predictable Processing Environment

PureSinter was engineered to be safe, efficient and deliver performance with every sintering cycle. It has a clean and predictable processing environment to reduce energy consumption and ensure ultra-high purity part quality.

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Maximum Temperature

Heating: 12 Standard resistive heating elements surrounding the silicon carbide retort. Max. temp. up to 1420 °C.

Image show Proto3000 icon for built-in heaters in a DLP 3D printer

Silicone Carbide (SiC) Vacuum Retort Hood

The hood contains insulation, 12 standard resistive heating elements and supports a silicon carbide (SiC) Vacuum Retort dome that is durable, thermally conductive and inert.

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High-Purity Graphite Shelving

PureSinter has 7 (seven) shelves of 244 x 270 mm | 559 cm2 and an usable volume of 15.8 L.

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Efficient Cooling

Rapid and even air-cooling process with a max. of 20 °C per minute.

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Intuitive Sintering Software

PureSinter furnace comes standard with Live Sinter™ software for multi physics simulations and predictions of part behaviour during sintering.

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Validated Materials

Benefit from a great material flexibility as PureSinter has the capability to process a wide range of validated materials by Desktop Metal.

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Modern Touchscreen

A modern and easy-to-use touchscreen for guiding users through operation and maintenance, as well as accessing pre-programmed furnace parameters for Desktop Metal materials.

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Vertical Design

PureSinter's modern and vertical design has a small footprint for less occupied space.

“Baking” metal parts just became interesting!

PureSinter™ for Simplified Sintering


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Inside-out Design & Functionality

Desktop Metal engineers and scientists innovate again with PureSinter, a state-of-the-art vacuum furnace for sintered powder metal applications. Compared to traditional furnaces, its design was turned inside out by enabling heat to work as a purifier and preventing contaminants like oxygen from penetrating the retort during sintering. 


This furnace’s vertical design includes an up-and-down thermal hood. It contains insulation and 12 standard resistive heating elements and supports a silicon carbide (SiC) Vacuum Retort dome.

Image shows coloured infographic of Desktop Metal PureSinter vacuum furnace for debinding and sintering metal parts

Image of traditional water-chillers

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Save Costs & Energy

Desktop Metal eliminated expensive water-cooled walls; therefore, there is no need for a chiller, and it does not require high inert gas flow or a recirculating blower. PureSinter leverages the extremely high thermal conductivity of Silicon Carbide for a rapid, active, and efficient air-cooling system.

Unlike traditional furnaces, with PureSinter, the cooling happens outside of the Vacuum Retort, which means the high-flow cooling gas is simply air and does not interact with the sintering run or the parts themselves. The electrical requirements are 200-220 V, 40A, 3ph, 50/60hZ or 380-415V, 20A, 3ph, 50/60hZ.

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Safety and Easy Maintenance

The engineering behind PureSinter prioritizes safety, easy maintenance, and lower energy costs. Traditional furnaces often have many joints and valves, creating unsafe leak points. PureSinter is designed with a high-purity seal to prevent any leakage or contamination of the metal powders or binding agents.

Traditional furnaces require more than 30 gallons per minute (GPM) of water and closed-loop spot coolers or chillers, which results in high operation costs. In contrast, PureSinter has a rapid air-cooling system that reduces operating and energy costs. Additionally, for easy maintenance, the furnace hood provides full visibility inside the furnace when lifted from either the front or back.



Image of someone inserting graphite shelves with metal parts in PureSinter, a debinding and sintering furnace

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Highly-Pure Graphite Shelves

PureSinter’s innovative vertical shelving system features a “click into place” design and is expertly crafted from high-purity graphite. This unique shelving solution allows for convenient access from both the front and back, promoting optimal ergonomics.


Proto3000 icon depicts intelligent software

LiveSinter™ | Simple & Intuitive Software

Avoid Part Warping and Meet Dimensional Tolerances

Live Sinter is Desktop Metal’s simulation software that predicts and corrects warpage or cracking during sintering. It comes with PureSinter, which helps users create design files for geometries suitable for pressing, molding, or 3D printing and sintering to perfection. Moreover, this easy-to-use multiphysics simulation software foresees part behaviour during sintering and automatically compensates for distortion and other effects.

Image of LiveSinter simulation software from desktop metal

Image shows operrator opening PureSinter Desktop Metal vacuum furnace

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User-Friendly Touchscreen

The modern and intuitive touchscreen guides users through operation and maintenance and provides access to Desktop Metal’s pre-programmed furnace parameters, materials, and options for customizing sintering programs. Control panel buttons, such as lifting or lowering the furnace hood, are also operated through this touchscreen. Unlike traditional furnaces, lifting the hood provides full visibility into the furnace from the front or the back. For safety purposes, the opening and closing operation is performed with the touch of two hand control buttons.


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Validated Metal Powders

PureSinter is suitable for many sintered powder metal applications within many industries. It can process metals and binders, such as Stainless Steel 17-4 PH, 316L, Cobalt-Chrome, Nickel-Alloys, H13 and D2 Tool Steels, and many more.

TiTested™ for purity

It is well known that reactive materials such as Titanium usually require expensive vacuum pumps, gas purifiers, and burnout cycles. PureSinter overcomes this challenge by sintering titanium at 98% density with properties that surpass ASTM F2885 standards for HIPed (hot isostatically pressed) PM Ti6Al4V material. 

Desktop Metal Materials


Image of a PureSinter oven shelf with sintered parts


Compatible Technologies

PureSinter furnaces work seamlessly with various manufacturing technologies, including Binder Jetting, Bound Metal Deposition, Metal Injection Molding (MIM), and Press and Sinter (PM). For a user-friendly experience, this furnace comes pre-loaded with the most popular metal powders and alloys. Desktop Metal will regularly update them or add new ones via over-the-air updates.

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PureSinter™ | Technical Specifications




  • Atmosphere Partial-pressure sintering (5-500 Torr)
  • Heating 12 Standard Resistive Heating Elements surrounding a silicon carbide retort
  • Max temperature 1,420°C (2,588°F)
  • Average heat load 16,700 BTU/hr
  • Max heat load 83,300 BTU/hr for 2 hours
  • Thermal uniformity ±5°C at steady-state sintering temperatures
Physical Specs
Physical Specs
  • External dimensions: 1,440 x 830 x 1,922 mm (56.69 x 32.67 x 75.66 in)
  • Height in open position: 2,697 mm (106.18 in)
  • Weight: 680 kg (1,496 lbs)
  • Workload envelope: 244 x 270 x 265 mm (9.60 x 10.63 x 10.43 in)
  • Retort volume: 15.8 L (0.56 ft.3)
  • Work holding: 7 removable high purity graphite shelves
  • Retort — Airtight silicon carbide vacuum retort with Péclet gas flow sealed mating interface
  • Ventilation: Effluent air exhaust line (0.75 in, barbed fitting)
  • Binder management — Two stage management with trap and disposable filtration
  • Pinch-point handling — Two-hand touch close
Fail safes
  • Thermal interlocks
  • Front-mounted E-stop
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Power requirements: 200-220 V, 40A, 3ph, 50/60hZ or 380-415V, 20A, 3ph, 50/60hZ
  • Onboard controls 25.4 cm (10-inch) touchscreen display
Gas Types
  • Argon, nitrogen, forming gas, or clean dry air (binder, material, and temperature dependent)

Gas Connection
  • External gas connection; fitting type: 1/4” VCO male
Network Connectivity — Ethernet
  • Auto-generated sintering cycles
  • Live job progress tracking
  • Live Monitor cloud enabled