Surface Reconstruction Improvements Made Easy. Here is What You Need to Know...






Surface Capturing Services by Proto3000

Surface Capturing is the process of 3D Laser Scanning already existing prototypes and 3D Printed models for the purpose of having a 3D CAD file saved for future alterations of your prototypes. Sometimes clients do not possess a 3D CAD file of their parts or models, which makes it difficult for engineers to design alterations or correct prototyping mistakes at the early stage of a product life cycle. 

Making alterations to a prototype can be difficult if the measurements are not clear. Surface Capturing Services will help you 3D scan your parts or models while detecting accurate measurements, which are imported into a Reverse Engineering software. After the measurements are recorded of your 3D CAD file, the Reverse Engineering software will be able to calculate the perfect curvature of the surface of your prototype. 

Altering your prototype by adding accessories to your base model is now available with the help of our Surface Capturing Services. Make your prototypes more appealing to your clientele by creating add-ons to your already existing prototypes. Calculating the curvature of the surface of your product will enable you to create an even more flexible and appealing product. 

If you want to speak to a LIVE PERSON - CALL 1-888-88-PROTO (77686)
Please don't hesitate to contact our Reverse Engineering Services Team.


The Benefits of Surface Capturing 

  • Allows you to re-capture the original design or intent of your ideas
  • It is suitable for use with a wide variety of scanning techniques 
  • No extra software or training is required 
  • It is a fast, flexible and reliable process 
  • It can be used for any industrial applications 



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