With multi-platformed solution capabilities, engineer different applications and features in one simple process.




3D Engineering Applications


It's pretty simple: There are absolutely NO limits to 3D Engineering applications. Your imagination is the playground with such a wide range of 3D Engineering materials available to you. Material changes can be made quickly and easily with low maintenance costs making for a great ROI. Increased productivity levels will be enjoyed as you do not have to supervise the process. If your application isn't listed, don't worry - we have helped with some unique projects before and can cater a solution that exceeds your expectations.



3D Engineering Applications

Once your product concept development is complete, Proto3000 has the engineering design tools to create an accurate 3D CAD Model with cost effective solutions for your product development , prototyping and manufacturing needs.


3D Mechanical Modeling

We offer several solutions to 3D engineering applications:

  • Conceptual And Product Design & Product Development
  • Forging & Casting Components
  • Plastic and Prototyping Components
  • Mechanical and Device Components
  • 3D solid modeling
  • Assemblies
  • Drafting

Mechanical CAD-CAM-CAE

Proto3000 Design Engineers provide clients with weekly updates using FREE 3D viewer software. Clients have the ability to interact with their model in 3D, adding mark-ups and comments to send back to our engineers for design improvements on the fly.


Mechanical 3D Design

Our 3D CAD Modelling services are for mechanical industries that require effective 3D designs for mechanical structures or products allowing detailed exploded views, assemblies and greatly enhanced presentations.

3D computer modeling is an important step and a prerequisite to capture your idea in a correctly rendered image. Mechanical 3D models can be changed at any time during the design process at a minimal cost, and we offer a free 3D Viewer at no cost to you.


3D Printing

With Desktop 3D Printers and Professional level 3D printers, we present you with over 10 options from Objet's industry leading 3D Printer lineup. We can assist you and help you find the perfect printer for your task, no matter the size or complexity!


3D Laser Scanning

From Creaform, we offer you almost 10 3D Laser Scanners. With so many options, you will not have a problem selecting the perfect 3D Laser scanner for your project. Our laser scanners are durable, accurate and some are even portable! contact us today for more information.



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