Produce 3D printed molds and mandrels in a fraction of the time. With FDM printing technology,  simplify the composite tooling process by creating parts with unparalleled design freedom. Print high-temperature, cost-effective tools in days instead of weeks compared to traditional tooling. With part materials able to withstand common high temperatures and pressures, such tooling is ideal for industries such as automotive and aerospace.




Printing in FDM, save cost and lead times for composite tooling while having greater design freedom and rapid iteration, regardless of part complexity. Traditional mold tooling requires significant labour and machining, leading to high costs, waste, and longer lead times that span from weeks to months. Utilizing 3D printing allows for tailored tool designs specific to the application as opposed to a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Produce custom tools on demand that are designed to completely change how tools are handled & managed on the shop floor.



Sacrificial Tooling

Sacrificial tooling produced with FDM technology simplifies the production of complex and hollow composite parts. Tools can be printed and easily dissolved after curing, eliminating ancillary processes like mold making, while accelerating your product development cycle. Build strong and dimensionally stable tooling that can withstand rough handling during part fabrication and autoclave processing. Go straight from design to a finished tool in days as this technology eliminates slow and expensive fabrication processes.



 Preparing 3D Printed Composite Tools

Learn how to prepare 3D printed composite tooling with our blog post covering different post-processing techniques.

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