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Take your ideas to the next level. Our designers take full advantage of the technological potential from 3D printing, without the constraints of conventional manufacturing methods. From concept to production, the Proto3000 team will help you unlock the full potential of your idea using today’s most advanced additive manufacturing design technology.


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How It Works


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3D Concept Designing

Finishing and Assembly



3D CAD Services

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Go directly from digital design to prototype or final part. Our services team offers an extensive suite of 3D CAD and design options to help you take advantage of the latest additive manufacturing technology. Free yourselves from traditional manufacturing constraints and let us take your idea to the next level.

Product Design

Our design team delivers intricate designs that match your exact specifications and can be manufacturable immediately

Virtual Environments

Explore 3D virtual environments to better prepare your part and improve your team’s situational understanding. Our engineering experts carry the technology mimic real-life situations and multiple scenarios for your part

Reverse Engineering

Achieve the accurate measurements you need. We take your product or part and bring you the changes to shape and design that you desire with our advanced metrology and 3D CAD software solutions.

Exploded Assemblies

Model your assemblies for manufacturing using advanced 3D inspection software. Our team can provide a spread-out, exploded view of how your assembly components fit together


CAD Engineering

Visualize your product or part in its entirety. Interact with a virtual model or simulate certain movements within 3D CAD software


3D Printing Services

Design For Additive

Optimize your part for additive manufacturing. Our team can help reduce the weight of your part by 50-70% and enhance your 3D data for immediate production.


2D to 3D Conversion

Easily convert your images, drawings, logos and more to a 3D file that’s fit for inspection and printing

File Cleanup

Having a clean 3D file is imperative to a successful 3D printed part. We’ll help clean, edit, and improve your file so that it is optimized for the best printable product.


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