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Form Auto

24/7 3D Printing with Form Auto

Form Auto by Formlabs is a hardware extension for Form 3/3+ and Form 3B/3B+ SLA 3D printers. It allows you to produce more as it automatically removes finished parts from Build Platform 2 and starts the next print without an operator's interaction.

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Ramp Up Production with Form Auto

Mass production through SLA 3D printing is now possible with Formlabs®’s groundbreaking automated hardware extension for its Form 3 series printers. You can reach new productivity levels with Form Auto, an extension for your existing Form 3/3+ SLA 3D printers. 

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SLA Technology

Hardware extension for any Form 3, Form 3+, Form 3B, or Form 3B+ SLA 3D printers.

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24/7 3D Printing

Form Auto's automated process allows for multi-print queue jobs without user interaction.

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Get Form Auto as part of Formlabs' Automation Ecosystem to minimize cost per part and labour savings.

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Compatible with Build Platform 2

Form Auto can be attached to any Form 3/B/+ printer, and by using the patented Quick-Release Technology of the Build Platform 2, parts are removed from the printer and deposited in a UV-safe bin.


High Volume Resin* System

Form Auto is designed to work with a high volume resin system which dispenses 5L of resins through a pumping system for continuous 3D printing.
*Form Auto automatically removes all parts from the Build Platform 2 except for those printed with castable resins or:

  • Flexible 80A
  • Elastic 50A
  • PU Rigid 650/1000
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IP Protocols

Due to internet privacy, sensitive IP protection and sharing protocols, Form Auto also supports non-cloud print operations. When on Local Mode, Form Auto enables high-volume printing without the use of the internet.

24/7 Production with Formlabs Automation Ecosystem

Maximize your 3D printer fleet to obtain high-quality, affordable parts with 24/7 back-to-back production.

How Form Auto Works

Form Auto is designed to seamlessly integrate with all models of Form 3/B/+ printers. Utilizing the innovative Quick-Release Technology of Build Platform 2, it effectively extracts finished parts from the printer, separates them from the platform, and conveniently places them into a designated holding bin, ensuring they are prepared for the subsequent Form Wash process. This entire operation is accomplished without the need for any user intervention.


Form Auto

Form Auto is a cutting-edge hardware extension designed exclusively for Form 3/B/+ printers. This revolutionary device takes automation to the next level by effortlessly removing finished parts from Build Platform 2 and initiating the next print cycle, eliminating the need for constant operator involvement. It can be purchased separately or as part of a new printer package for current and new customers.



Fleet Control Management with PreForm Software

Fleet Control is a suite of newly available, advanced features in PreForm and Dashboard that facilitate easier management of multiple 3D printers with centralized queue management and automatic printer assignment.

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 High Volume Production

Enjoy Seamless Resin Supply!

This system packs five liters of material into one vessel, enabling multiple print jobs and days of productivity without a changeover. A resin pump complements it to ensure quick and efficient dispensing. This way, you can reduce waste and minimize cartridge handling tasks.

Image shows Formlabs 5-liter resin cartridge or tank and a batch of 3D-printed parts with Grey resin

Over 100,000,000 Parts Printed with Formlabs Technology

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Image shows a fleet of SLA 3D printers form FormlabsReturn of Investment

Form Auto is an innovative extension hardware that you can attach to your Form 3 SLA 3D printer, and it takes up minimal additional space. In return, you have a hands-free and streamlined process of printing multiple batches, thus saving costs on labour and reducing waste.

How can you make 1000 3D-printed rotating arm parts
(Grey Resin) in three days*?

Printers needed 10 28
Number of cartridge changes 2 12
Opeartors required 2 1
Cost per part 2.81 USD 3.93 USD

*Calculation based on dental arches printed in Draft Resin at 200µm. Calculation includes equipment and labor costs, and amortization.