Fix Defects and Mitigate Risks Early

With part inspection and analysis services from Proto3000, you can get the data you need to ensure that your parts are manufactured to their intended engineering and design specifications. We use powerful inspection software and state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology, allowing us to perform dynamic part inspection in even the most unpredictable environments.  Discover accurate and efficient part inspection and analysis with Proto3000.

VXinspect In-Production Inspection Report

Easy to Read Reporting

Our part inspection reports can provide you with the critical data you need at a single glance

VXinspect In-Production Measurement Alignment

Real-Time Visualization

On-site inspection can provide you with real-time data so you can make quicker decisions

VXinspect Pre-Production Color Map

Color Mapping

You can have a visual representation of your inspection with a color map to know where the issues are

Why Work With Proto3000?

  • Experienced and professional team
  • Wide application knowledge from a variety of industries
  • Industry leading 3D scanning technology
  • On-site, or in-house options available
  • Reliable results regardless of manufacturing environment
  • Eliminate long wait times for the CMM
  • Design better parts and assemblies
  • Minimize risk early in production
  • High accuracy and fast results

Do your parts meet all engineering, design and specification requirements?
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Part Inspection Options

Proto3000 3D scanning services for reverse engineering and inspection

In-Line Inspection

The dynamic nature of our 3D scanning inspection technology allows us to inspect parts right on the production line. No need to interrupt or pause your production workflow, our scanning services team can provide in-line inspection solutions that cater to your unique environment.

Creaform Metrascan 3D Laser Scanner

First Article Inspection

Inspect your parts and ensure they meet design specifications and quality standards quickly and effectively using our part inspection services. No need to have to transfer parts to a metrology or CMM lab, with our portable 3D scanning technology we can perform a real-time first article inspection right on the production line. Identify manufacturing flaws early and make adjustments based on accurate and reliable data.

SmartDent Creaform 3D Scanners

Applications and Industries

Our part inspection services cater to a variety of manufacturing processes and applications including casting, forging, assembly, molding, cutting, welding and extrusions. We have worked with companies in aerospace, automotive, commercial products, consumer products and general manufacturing to ensure that their parts meet strict requirements. Contact us to discuss your applications in more detail.