Non-Invasive Metrology Services On-Site

With NDT services from Proto3000 you can minimize your down time and have business running again smoothly as quickly as possible. We can quickly and accurately assess surface defects such as dents, corrosion, wear and tear, and mechanical damage with advanced portable 3D scanning equipment. Our services provide traceable and repeatable results for pipeline integrity assessments and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) applications.


VXinspect Pre-Production Measurements

Real-Time Data Visualization

Our advanced 3D scanning technology and NDT software provides instant data, allowing you to make quick assessments.

SmartDent Creaform 3D Scanners

Aerospace MRO and Damage Assessment

Ensure public safety while putting airplanes back in service as quickly as possible with fast and accurate 3D scanning

HandyScan Onsite Scanning

NDT Pipeline Inspection

Complete thorough and detailed pipeline integrity assessments on-site with our NDT services

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Pipecheck Non Destructive Testing Creaform Portable Scanners

Professional NDT Services and Solutions

Outsourcing non-destructive testing services to our team will allow you to save the time and costs associated with training labour and capital equipment acquisition. We specialize in oil and gas and aerospace industries, but also work with automotive, manufacturing, medical, food, architecture and production. We can be on-site with our state of the art equipment wherever you require us, and in most cases we can provide real-time data.

3D scanner creaform handyscan 700

Portable NDT 3D Scanning

The Proto3000 NDT team uses 3D scanners that are optimized and designed for non-destructive testing and surface inspection. Our 3D scanning systems are portable, meaning we can provide fast and accurate surface data on-site regardless of the location. Our equipment has been approved by leading aerospace and energy companies across the world.

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Non Destructive Testing Creaform Handheld Scanners

Aerospace Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO)

Our non-destructive testing services provide the perfect solution for aerospace maintenance. With software specifically designed for dent inspection we can ensure that in-service aircraft are properly assessed with the safety of the public in mind. With real-time data visualization we are able to greatly reduce the time required for reporting without compromising on diagnosis results and safety.