Utilizing additive manufacturing in the automotive space allows manufacturers to go from design to the factory floor faster than ever before. Take advantage of applications such as rapid prototyping, jigs and fixtures, tooling, low-volume production, and building production parts to eliminate the constraints of traditional manufacturing. See how you can maximize your production efficiency and stay ahead of the competition.

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Additive Manufacturing Opportunities in Automotive

Discover the Advantages of AM for Accelerating Production and Cutting Costs in the Auto Industry

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Work Smarter With Simplified Production

Maximize Assembly Line Efficiency

Streamline your production despite increasing complexity in automotive components. Build quickly as low-volume tooling shrinks the costs and risks associated with traditional manufacturing while providing more opportunities for improvement.


High-performance FDM thermoplastics allow for real-world testing as parts produced can withstand rugged manufacturing environments.  Polyjet photopolymers offer fine detail and unmatched part realism.

Aftermarket & Customization

Create customized jigs and fixtures for individual operators or specific applications. 3D printing fuels the creation of low-volume, customized parts as designers and manufacturing engineers are free to optimize parts with organic shapes and complex geometries.

Design With Freedom

Make quick iterative changes as designers work and test more thoroughly and validate their designs before investing on costly tooling. 3D printing empowers an accelerated product development process and allows for better-informed decisions through functional prototypes.

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