We understand that the demands of the manufacturing floor and welcome the challenge to help you produce the right tools to get the job done. Our team is committed to helping you reduce the cost and risk associated with traditional manufacturing aid production by building the tools you need to execute your vision.

The ProtoProcess

What differentiates our team as the premiere service bureau in Canada is our ability to relieve your internal teams from engineering efforts that consume both time and resources. Through process consolidation, we take the information that you entrust us with and streamline the entire development process in order to provide you with timely results.

Using our in-house additive manufacturing and metrology technologies, we take traditional manufacturing processes to the next level. Our team of engineers combine multi-material 3D printing and expert 3D scanning to compare initial samples and improve them based on your preferred manufacturing style.


Lightweight Parts Jigs and Fixtures

Weight Reduction

Producing jigs and fixtures with additive manufacturing offer a superior solution to traditional CNC manufacturing aids. Achieve a strong and durable performance component without unnecessary heft.

Customization of Jigs and Fixtures 3D Printing


We’ll provide you the tools that are specially catered to your application and workshop floor. With you as the end user in mind, achieve greater control over your tasks with personalized ergonomic support.

Jigs and Fixtures no assembly


3D printing your jigs and fixtures allows you to have an optimized design that’s geared for performance. Consolidating several parts through additive manufacturing eliminates the need for assembly.

Proto3000 Customer Service


At Proto3000, we put your needs and requirements first and are 100% transparent in the service process from our first chat until we are assured of your satisfaction with the end product. We are committed to outlining your options and are more than happy to be involved in an open dialogue with you as design iterations are made.



MetraSCAN Scan Shiny Part

Advanced Metrology

Get your part measured and analyzed by our in-house suite of industry-leading 3D scanners for part checking and final quality assurance. Rely on our team of metrology experts for reliable, accurate and non-destructive measurement data to ensure confidence in your jig or fixture.

3D Printed Jigs and Fixtures

Multi-Material Printing

We house the best 3D printers in the industry with top-of-the-line FDM and Polyjet material technologies. From durable thermoplastics to flexible rubber-like parts, print your jig or fixture with the exact performance requirements for your project or manufacturing floor.

3D Printed Jigs and Fixtures

Other Manufacturing Tools

Our team of experts can also help design and produce other manufacturing aids such as: composite tooling, forming tools, investment casting patterns, and go/no-go gauges.