Design Faster & Better

Rapid prototyping enables companies to design and iterate their products faster than ever before. 3D printing your prototypes directly from CAD data allows for quick and frequent revisions based on real-world testing, feedback, and applications. Get ahead of the competition by bringing your product to market faster with a successful final design without traditional costly post-production processes.

Concept Modeling

Turn your ideas into finished products in a matter of hours. Concept models are instrumental in design. Whether it’s pitching an idea to stakeholders, proving a new manufacturing method, or training new staff, a prototype model is a tangible way to communicate and convey your creation. With our industry-leading 3D printers, a concept model allows for immediate feedback on designs, allowing you to make iterative changes more efficiently and ultimately a better product.

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Functional Prototypes

Go directly from CAD file to part faster and cheaper than ever before. Print functional prototypes that use high-performance thermoplastics & metals with our advanced suite of 3D printing technologies, providing a cost-effective manufacturing solution ideal for design iteration and testing. Know exactly how your product will look and perform in the real world as our wide range of printing materials produce prototypes that are both realistic and functional.

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