Stay ahead of the competition by implementing 3D printing in the product development cycle. Go from design to prototyping in hours with a model that simulates both the look and feel of the final product that will be in the hands of your consumers. Trust additive manufacturing to overhaul how you design consumer applications such as electronics, sporting goods, entertainment and more.

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Streamline From Innovation To Production

Design with Freedom

Explore new horizons as 3D printing gives the manufacturers the flexibility for easy and seamless design iteration and verification. Experience faster design cycles and the ability to go from idea to part in a matter of hours.

Functional Prototyping

Test performance, prove your designs and refine your product before moving into mass production. Produce 3D printed models that look and feel like its going straight to your consumer.


Build products around your customer’s specific wants and needs. 3D printing creates products that are highly customized for the unique fit, performance and aesthetics of consumer demands.

Customer Experience

Mold your product to the individual preferences of your customers. Additive manufacturing brings a one-size-fits-all solution into the hands of companies and manufacturers and allows them to produce tailored, personal experience to customers.

Rapid Prototyping

Experience the quickest and most cost-effective way to turn ideas into successful end products. Blaze through product improvement with rapid prototyping revisions while keeping everything in-house.

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