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DEMI 430™ 

Automate your support & resin removal.

How to post-process 3D prints with DEMI 430™ from PostProcess™, an IPA-free submersion solution delivering automated removal of PolyJet and FDM supports and the excess resin for SLA, CLIP, and DLP technologies. Using a biocompatible detergent instead of IPA, there are a range of benefits including increased model accuracy, improved productivity, better health and safety for your team, and cost savings from reducing IPA usage. The complete automation of the workflow provides a reduction in labour as well as an improvement in the amount of parts that can be processed. Speak to our team today to learn how you can be IPA-Free.

Simplify and Automate Resin Removal
Without IPA

PostProcess™ offers automated solutions for removing supports of PolyJet and FDM 3D printed parts and excess resin from CLIP, or DLP 3D prints using submersion. DEMI 430 includes patented Submersed Vortex Cavitation (SVC) technology. It uses rotation while immersing the part in a fluid to agitate and remove materials evenly. With proprietary software, detergents, and controlled time and temperature, DEMI 430 provides precise and hands-free post-printing for additive manufacturing.  It can clean six times as many parts as IPA before reaching saturation, which means less downtime, lower risks and reduced waste generation.

Image shows DEMI400 post processing system for removing excess resin of 3D printed parts



Reduced Cycle Times

Reduced cycle times and steps, with just a single dip in cleaning solution and rinse required.

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SVC Technology

Submersed Vortex Cavitation (SVC) technology's pumping scheme ensures uniform chemistry to finishes parts with unprecedented consistency.


Automated System

AUTOMAT3D®, the machine control, designs optimal cycle times for specific parts, controls temperature and agitation level.

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Proprietary Agitation Algorithms

Post-Process Technologies' proprietary Agitation Algorithm controls the system’s energy, speed, and direction, ensuring your productivity is boosted by producing consistent end parts with no breakage

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Safer Chemistry

Works with safer detergent that is non flammable/non combustible. In addition, for hands-free operation, the automatic liftgate raises and lowers parts when cycles starts and ends.

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Easy Installation

There's no need for drain or incoming water supply within the facility. Only power source is required to have the machine running.

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Advantages & Benefits

AUTOMAT®. Intelligent Software Control 

  • AUTOMAT3D® intelligent software control of energy sources and simplified machine operation.
  • Vortex pumping scheme ensures uniform chemistry exposure to finished parts with unprecedented consistency.
  • Precision control over temperature and ultrasonic-generated cavitations for accelerated process times.
    • Human-machine interface (HMI) enabled programmable cycle time
    • Variable temperature: 86-145 °F / 30-63 °C
    • Proprietary Agitation Algorithms

Resin-Removal-Before-After-post-processing with biocompatible detergents

Resin Removal

PostProcess® automated resin removal solutions reduce post-processing steps by up to 50%, cleaning full trays in under 10 minutes, enabling higher throughput and optimally finished 3D printed parts. With new resins validated regularly, clean your 3D-printed parts with biocompatible cleaning detergent formulated specifically for additive manufacturing.


Image shows before and after support removal after of an FDM 3D printed part

Support Removal

PostProcess®’s pre-mixed detergents optimize the removal of supports while leaving the build material in perfect condition. Its chemistry line, in concert with thoughtfully designed support removal systems, is formulated for FDM, PolyJet, and Wax 3D print materials and technologies to achieve the customer’s desired cycle time and end product characteristics.

ROI | Return on Investment

  • Eliminates 90-100% of labour while batching dozens to hundreds of parts at once
    • Uses ultrasonics, pump, heating/cooling agitation
    • Fully removes tacky hybrid layer with a single-step
  • Reduced Waste & Disposal Costs
    • PostProcess’s Resin Removal detergent can save up to 75% of annual detergent disposal costs for IPA users.
  • Minimized Chemical Hazards
    • PostProcess proprietary formulation offers low volatility and low odour. The solvents are user-friendly, ensuring a safer work environment than common solvent IPA, with much lower vapour pressure and higher flashpoint and no requirement for an explosion-proof environment.

Image shows DEMI 430, an automated resin removal machine based on detergent not IPA from Post Process Technologies



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Technical Specifications

Hardware Features
Hardware Features
  • Stainless steel envelope
  • Magnetically driven pump
  • Multi-configuration fixture
  • Casters for easy installation
Size & Weight
Size & Weight
  • Envelope: 14” L x 14” W x 14” H (35.5 cm x 35.5 cm x 35.5 cm)
  • Approximate Weight: 300 lbs. empty (136 kg); 470 lbs. full (213 kg)
Safety Features
Safety Features
  • Emergency stop
  • Auto power down
  • Capacity: 17 Gallons (64 Liters)
  • Polyjet Materials: PLM-101-SUB
  • SLA, CLIP, and DLP Materials: PLM-403-SUB
  • FDM Materials: PLM-201-SUB
  • Wax Materials – PLM-601-SUB
  • DEMI 430 Model (PolyJet/FDM/SLA/DLP/CLIP)
    Power: 120V, 60Hz, Connector: NEMA 5-15P
    Dual agitation; includes heater & ultrasonics

  • DEMI 400 Model (SLA/DLP/CLIP only)
    Power: 120V, 60Hz, Connector: NEMA 5-15P