Ensure Proper Alignment and Quality

With manufacturing tool inspection services from Proto3000, you can ensure your jigs, fixtures, molds, dies and other tooling is aligned and has the intended dimensional accuracy.  Through having manufacturing tools that meet their original engineering and design specifications you have better control over your part quality. Molds, jigs, frames, presses, fixtures and dies should be regularly tested and adjusted when starting a new production line or for preventative maintenance to mitigate inefficiencies due to rework and production backlogs. We use powerful inspection software and state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology, allowing us to perform dynamic tool inspection without having to remove your tool from the machine. Discover accurate and efficient manufacturing tool inspection and analysis with Proto3000.

Creaform HandyProbe Portable CMM

In-Place Inspection

No need to remove the parts from the machine with our portable 3D scanning technology.

VXinspect In-Production Inspection Report

Easy-to-Read Reporting

Our part inspection reports can provide you with the critical data you need at a single glance

VXinspect Pre-Production Color Map

Verify Part Repeatability

Our inspection services can not only scan the tools but also the parts to ensure quality

Why Work With Proto3000?

  • Experienced and professional team
  • Wide application knowledge from a variety of industries
  • Industry leading 3D scanning technology
  • Guarantee molds and dies are accurate
  • On-site, or in-house options available
  • Reliable results regardless of manufacturing environment
  • Eliminate long wait times for the CMM
  • Align jigs and fixtures on production floor
  • On machine tool inspection
  • Minimize risk early in production
  • High accuracy and fast results
  • Ensure part quality and repeatability

Do your parts meet all engineering, design and specification requirements?
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Tooling Inspection Options

HandyPROBE Next Portable CMM Quality Control

Tool & Jig Inspection and Alignment

Mitigate the need to transfer manufacturing tools, jigs, and fixtures to the metrology lab with our portable 3D scanner inspection services. Our team can can come on-site and provide you with the data you need to ensure your tools and jigs are aligned accurately for the production process.

Creaform HandySCAN 3D Concept Development Reverse Engineering

Mold and Die Inspection

Validate that your molds and dies are within engineering spec and producing parts with accuracy and repeatability with our tooling inspection services. Our portable 3D scanning technology will help you measure physical warpage like shrinkage and spring back effect allowing you make the changes required early on in the manufacturing lifecycle.


SmartDent Creaform 3D Scanners

Applications and Industries

Our part inspection services cater to a variety of manufacturing processes and applications including casting, forging, assembly, molding, cutting, welding and extrusions. We have worked with companies in aerospace, automotive, commercial products, consumer products and general manufacturing to ensure that their parts meet strict requirements. Contact us to discuss your applications in more detail.

VXinspect Pre-Production Import CAD

Manufacturing Tool Archiving

Digitize you tool designs and intellectual property so you can easily access your data for potential future production runs. Our 3D scanning technology is perfect for reverse engineering and surface capture and can provide a complete solid body 3D design file that you can later have produced.