Spot Deviations and Mitigate Risks Early

Our portable 3D scanning technology and powerful inspection software can compare your manufactured parts and components against their original CAD designs allowing you to recognize any deviations that may be a red flag for the quality control team. We can perform a best fit alignment or use pre-determined datums as a reference point for parts of various shapes and complexity. Our measurement solutions are portable so few environmental considerations needs to be made for on-site inspection services. Contact the Proto3000 team today for a quick and accurate part-to-cad inspection.

VXinspect Pre-Production Measurements

Accurate and Complete Mesh Models

Our part-to-CAD inspection services capture complete surface data for accurate results

VXinspect Pre-Production Color Map

Color Mapping

You can have a visual representation of your inspection with a color map to know where the issues are

VXinspect In-Production Inspection Report

Easy to Read Reporting

Quality inspectors can easily visualize and document complete inspection of the part on all its surfaces

Why Work With Proto3000?

  • Experienced and professional team
  • Wide application knowledge from a variety of industries
  • Industry leading 3D scanning technology
  • Machines are portable and easy to setup on site
  • On-site, or in-house options available
  • Reliable results regardless of manufacturing environment
  • Eliminate long wait times for the CMM
  • No moving parts or arms are needed allowing greater range of movement
  • Design better parts and assemblies
  • Minimize risk early in production
  • High accuracy and fast results
  • Powerful referencing capabilities
  • Cost effective and rapid solution

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Professional Part-to-CAD Inspection Services

Proto3000 3D scanning services for reverse engineering and inspection

Advanced Metrology Technology

Proto3000 uses handheld measurement tools which allow you to compare your CAD to your manufactured parts or 3D printed prototypes regardless of whether they are large parts or complex surfaces. In order to verify dimensional properties, a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is usually required. Most CMM tools require you to be in a controlled environment, however, the Proto3000 Inspection Services team uses tools that are suitable for any production environment. Our 3D Engineering Team is equipped with the latest and most accurate CMM technology selection to perform Part-to-CAD comparisons including wireless probing, and photogrammetry.

Creaform Metrascan 3D Laser Scanner

On-Site Metrology Solutions

Our Inspection Services Team will travel to your location and simply use a handheld portable inspection device or 3D laser scanner to scan your 3D Printed parts or models. They quickly measure your parts while the inspection software automatically inputs data to be compared with the measured CAD file. Deviations and out-of-tolerance conditions are displayed in real-time using colour coded maps right in front of your eyes. The Inspection Services Team takes the measurements and customizes the automatically generated data in an inspection report, which is later delivered to you. Part-to-CAD Inspection is a cost effective and rapid solution, which will help you avoid unwanted mistakes prior to the mass production stage of your prototype. We guarantee to deliver accurate and fast results based on every customer’s individual needs.