Prototypes are best used when made of the same material as the final production part. While traditional injection molded prototypes carried huge costs and time-consuming tooling,  Polyjet technology enables manufacturers to create inexpensive custom injection molding with 3D printed tooling. Allow your designers and engineers to test their product more frequently and accurately with a faster product development process.

Injection Mold 3D Printing


With in-house Polyjet 3D printing, your prototype molds come out quicker and more affordable. Using Digital ABS printing material, Polyjet technology creates smooth, detailed, accurate molds that are strong enough to hold up to short injection molding runs of about 10-100 parts. Depending on the size, a new mold can be printed and ready for injection in just a few hours.


Polyjet 3D Printing is a great method for producing prototype injection when:

  • Printing parts with complex geometries where traditional tooling would prove difficult
  • Printing in low quantities
  • Iterative design changes are frequent
  • Rapid prototyping from the final production plastic is important