Product quality is central to your business and with inspection services from our team, you can be confident that your parts are produced within spec and are ready for the world. With our on-site or in-house inspection technologies, we can reduce manufacturing errors while increasing product quality and production efficiency all in real-time. Rely on us for critical and time-sensitive projects in any industry.

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Part to CAD 3D Scanning Services


Here’s what our inspection team can do for you


  • Capture Data Rapidly
  • Shortening Manufacturing & Production Cycles
  • Increase Manufacturing Efficiency
  • Improve Product Quality
  • Change Real Shop Floor Production
  • Streamline your Manufacturing Process

Part-to-part 3D Scanning Services


Part-to-CAD 3D Scanning Services


3D Scanning Services Sampling


Colour Overlaying 3D Scanning Services

Colour Overlay

First Article

First Article

Jig Confirmation 3D Scanning Services

Jig Confirmation

Non Destructive Testing

Non-Destructive Testing

Quality Checks 3D Scanning Services

Quality Checks

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By outsourcing to our expert metrology team, you cut costs of necessary resources and training facilities. We at Proto3000 are fully equipped for virtually all applications of 3D laser scanning and inspection services as we carry the industry’s leading metrology technologies to ensure the highest accuracy for your project.

Our equipment is easy-to-use, portable and allows for a great range of movement without being constricted by moving parts. For services of larger parts, we can come on-site to your location while smaller parts can be easily shipped for data capturing.


CTrack 3D Scanning Services


3D Scanning Services File Data



  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Inspection
    • Using portable CMMs to provide a computer-aided inspection of your part
  • Part-to-CAD Inspection
    • Have your CAD files and 3D printed prototypes analyzed for cost-effective production
  • Geometric Metrology
    • We use a CMM probing device to record accurate measurements of dimensions and features of your model, ensuring your CAD data is accurate
  • Dimensioning & Tolerancing
    • After recording probing data, we’ll create an inspection report to explicitly describe nominal geometry and its allowable variation. Prior to mass production, this report shows how accurate and precise your part needs to be
  • Quality Inspection
    • Our team will record valuable data to be compared to a CAD file that it is intended to represent. Uncover surface deviations such as warpage, tooling deterioration and other manufacturing defects

Why Work With Proto3000?

By outsourcing your 3D inspection to Proto3000’s trained professionals, you reduce the cost of necessary resources and in-house training facilities. Here at Proto3000 we are fully equipped for 3D laser scanning for inspection services, carrying some of the top of the line 3D laser scanners to ensure high accuracy that meets your needs.  For the 3D Laser Scanning – Inspection service of large parts, we can come to your location, and for smaller parts they can simply be shipped for data capturing. The CAD data is collected and given to you to continue along with your product development or product perfection.
  • Capture data rapidly
  • Shorten manufacturing and production cycles
  • Increase manufacturing efficiency
  • Improve product quality
  • Real shop floor production solution
  • Equipment is easy portable and requires easy set up.
  • Allowing a great range of movement, not restricted by moving parts.
  • Powerful Dynamic Referencing capabilities
  • Improved accuracy and usability of CAD files