Using 3D Systems SLS equipment, you can cut down
   on prototyping and modeling time.




Selective Laser Sintering Equipment


3D Systems Sinterstation Pro SLS System




Proto3000 brings the capabilities of selective laser sintering to your prototyping or product development project.  

The versatility of the equipment enables us to produce prototypes that can withstand rigorous testing processes, as well as replicate the end-use product to the highest degree of accuracy. 

Some of the benefits of the selective laser sintering equipment are as follows:

  • Directly manufacture customized short
    production runs.
  • Productive - Go from 3-D CAD design to finished part in one step.
  • Tool-less. Eliminate the time and expense of tooling.
  • Design for function. No limitation on design complexity.
  • Intelligent - meet demanding part specifications with advanced process control.
  • Automated. Seamless process integration from raw material to finished part
  • Modular. Easily upgradeable, expandable system.
  • Superior throughput and utilization. Virtually no time
    between builds for maximum part building throughput.

​Our selective laser sintering solutions will provide access to laser sintering machines that may be too expensive to bring in house. Take advantage of outsourcing opportunities, and request more information today. 



It's Not All About The Equipment!

Proto3000 Inc. offers and uses the most advanced SLS materials with durable and industrial environmental prototyping applications. We use Rapid Prototyping materials in today's market to achieve your innovative needs and product launch goals. We go above and beyond our clients expectations to deliver results in any industry using a wide range of 2D/3D Engineering services , 3D Laser scanning and reverse engineering processes and materials.


What We Use 

  • Our SLS 3D Printers build durable models straight from 3D CAD data without tooling.
  • Converting printing powder materials into solid cross-sections, layer by layer, is done by a CO2 laser
  • SLS Printers offer print sizes up to 750 mm (30”), terrific durability, and a wide range of materials to print
  • More cost and time effective than tooling
  • Fast turnaround times that produce durable parts

The Technology


  • Excels in load bearing applications at higher temperatures
  • Build prototypes and end-use parts without tooling
  • Create accurate and repeatable parts as demanded by manufacturers
  • Machinable and paintable for demonstration parts





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