The 5 Stages of Car Design with Multi-Material 3D Printing

The 5 Stages of Car Design with Multi-Material 3D Printing

“Project Bleu”

CATIA Project Bleu 5 Stages of Automotive Prototyping and Design

“Project Bleu” is a 5-part car design study in physics, design and modelin taken on by the CATIA software division of Dassault Systèmes in order to show potential customers the ability to prototype an automobile. 

CATIA software, a division of Dassault Systèmes, creates 3D CAD modeling software, which is a leading tool in the aerospace and automotive industries. The “Project Bleu” team challenged themselves to undertake a typical automotive design cycle, from sketch to 3D Printed prototype. 

The team consisted of a creative designer, two concept modelers, two visualization experts, two class A surfaces modelers, one mechanical modeler, and of course the Objet260 Connex multi-material 3D printer. The 33 micron resolution and multi-material capabilities allowed the team to cross check and validate the digital design. 

The final output was a variety of 3D printed models representing five distinct stages of automotive product development highlighted below. 

Stage 1: Concept Development Miniature cars were 3D Printed at 5 cm in length in order to catch basic design flaws. 
Stage 2: Proportion Studies 10 cm models were 3D printed in order to ensure different design elements worked together. 
Stage 3: Speedform Model A speedform model was created to test the aerodynamics of the car in a wind tunnel. 
Stage 4: Detailed Model A complete model with exterior features such as mirrors, bumpers, and tires.
Stage 5: Functional Prototype A 3D printed model complete with moveable chasis and wheels. 



“Project Bleu” Design Stages

3D Printed Scaled Car Models in Polyjet CATIA automotive rapid prototyping
A scaled down model at 10 cm used for design validation
Objet260 Connex Multi Material polyjet 3D printed car models
Stripped-down speedform models for aerodynamic testing
3D Printed Car Models CATIA automotive rapid prototyping
A functional prototype of the car, all 3D printed.
3D Printed Car Tires in Rubber CATIA automotive rapid prototyping
Multi-material tire components printed in rubber as a single piece with the Objet260 Connex.


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