New Formlabs® Product Launches


New Formlabs® Product Launches

Maximize additive manufacturing production with new post-processing kit, materials and software solutions.

On September 12th, 2023, Formlabs launched three new products and announced Open Platform, a new solution to expand access to digital fabrication:

Fuse Depowdering Kit | All-in-one manual post-processing kit allows customers to easily clean SLS parts and recover and mix used powder to prepare for the next print.

  • Efficiently recovers and reuses used powder using the scoop and vibration sifter, minimizing waste and boosting ROI.
  • Effortlessly switch between materials without the hassle of cleaning any machinery with the scale and funnel.
  • Seamlessly integrate the Fuse Depowdering Kit into your customers’ SLS workflow for clean and professional results at an affordable price point
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    • Silicone 40A Resin |  This material allows customers to print 100% silicone parts with a 40A Shore durometer and to create soft, pliable, and durable parts with excellent chemical and thermal resistance (-25°C to 125°C) that can withstand repeated cycles of flexing, stretching, and compression without tearing.
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    • Alumina 4N Resin | High-density and high-purity technical ceramic with exceptional performance in extreme environments: thermally resistant, hard, abrasion resistant, mechanically strong, and chemically inert.
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Image shows Formlabs SLA 3D printers and Open Platform software on computer
  • Formlabs Open Platform | Maximize Form 3 generation 3D printer’s potential with personalizable print settings and open material access.
    • Formlabs Open Platform’s solutions maximize Form 3 generation 3D printer’s potential with:
      • Print Settings Editor: a new PreForm feature that enables advanced users to tailor print performance by modifying print settings, which will be released in October with PreForm 3.32.
      • Certified Materials: An extension of our curated selection of third-party materials in partnership with top-tier resin manufacturers, which will enable access to new applications and regions
      • Open Material License: an optional, paid license that enables expert users to print with any 405 nm photopolymer on Form 3 generation printers.

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