Introducing Creaform’s HandySCAN BLACK-The Ultimate Metrology-grade 3D Scanner

HandySCAN Black Elite Creaform 3D Scanner Car Part Inspection

Introducing Creaform’s HandySCAN BLACK-The Ultimate Metrology-grade 3D Scanner


Introducing HandySCAN BLACK- the newest generation of the HandySCAN 3D highlights multiple blue laser technology, upgraded optics, and powerful algorithms for accurate, and quick instant measurements.  

Creaform, an international leader in automated and portable 3D measurement solutions, has now released the newly re-engineered and improved HandySCAN 3D™: the HandySCAN BLACK™. This scanner is Creaform’s third-generation version of their patented metrology-grade scanner. The launch of the HandySCAN BLACK™ marks over 15 years of technology innovations by Creaform in order to meet the constant growth and evolution of the engineering and manufacturing industries. The HandySCAN BLACK™ is the perfect solution for professionals who require the most reliable and effective tool available on the market in order to acquire accurate dimensional measurements of physical objects.


HandySCAN Black Elite Creaform 3D Scanner Helicopter rotor


Creaform HandySCAN BLACK incorporates multiple blue laser technology, high-performance 3D scanning with upgraded optics, and sleek and ergonomic design. A staple of Creaform’s product line is its portability and simplicity. The HandySCAN BLACK marks the standard for measurement, regardless of the material, complexity, or size, within seconds.

High-Performance Tools to Meet Rising Quality Standards

  • 4X resolution: Captures big volumes and small details due to the versatile and unique combination of multiple blue laser technology and enhanced high-performance optics. 
  • Instant mesh and 3X faster measurement speed: Has the ability to reduce the time between acquisition and workable files thanks to a larger scanning area that features 11 blue laser crosses that occupy 1,300,00 measurements per second. 
  • Traceable measurements and increase accuracy: Volumetric accuracy of 0.020 mm + 0.040 mm/m (0.0008 in. + 0.0005 in./ft) based on VDI/VDE 2634 part 3 as well as ISO 17025, ensuring reliability and full traceability to international standards.
  • Available in BLACK and BLACK|Elite: Customers can pick from two models based on their requirements: measurement speed, part complexity, accuracy, etc.


HandySCAN Black Elite Creaform 3D Scanner Inspection Metrology Lab


Innovation and Technology in the Metrology Market

“Over the past decade, Creaform technologies have become the standard in highly accurate metrology tools, trusted to take reliable measurements that help make informed decisions at all stages of the product lifecycle management (PLM),” said Simon Côté, Product Manager at Creaform. “HandySCAN BLACK packs the benefits of its predecessors and further takes on quality assurance inspections in the shop, at the machine, in process—where the customers need it.”

The HandySCAN BLACK was introduced at Creaform’s international sales meeting as well as at the PolyWorks Conference. The HandySCAN Black is an unmatched metrology-grade scanner, from its versatility and portability during any phase of the product life cycle. 


HandySCAN Black Elite 3D Scanner part inspection

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