Add a whole new dimension of applications.
Leverage 3D Laser Scanning to find yours.



3D Laser Scanning - Applications

There are seemingly limitless applications that can be aided by 3D Laser Scanning. With portable, durable, easy-to-use hardware and software, 3D laser scanning technology is only going to become more prevalent in more applications.

Short Learning Curve

The Handyscan 3D laser scanners are extremely powerful, versatile and user friendly. The Handyscan 3D scanners come equipped with easy-to-learn,top-rated intuitive VxScan™ software.This software offers users a wide array of functionalities and options. Traditional laser scanning technologies can cause struggle with bulky and complex measuring arms. With the Handyscan 3D scanners, the utilities, and options are easy to use and are versatile to the specific needs of the end user (i.e hands-free). These scanners  position themselves in reference to the partallowing for quick, efficient scanning procedures. Measuring arms can also hinder data and mask information making them unreliable data sources.


3D Real-Time Rendering

During the scanning procedures with  the Handyscan 3D devices , a real-time surface reconstruction of the object is shown on the computer screen. This feature allows the user to see the specific section of the part that is currently being scanned and which areas need more detail. This feature is not available with traditional scanners.Traditional scanners only generate a fuzzy point cloud. With the Handyscan 3D scanners, it is  possible to make partial scans, stop to visualize the scanned part on the computer, and seamlessly resume scanning- which are beneficial aspects to any project.



On-Site Scanning

No matter your location or environment, our 3D Laser scanners are portable and durable can capture scan data. Archeologists have taken scanners to ancient ruins to scan artifacts so they can piece them together later.


Eliminate Physical Inventory

Replace physical inventories with digital ones. By scanning an object, and creating a 3D CAD file, you will assemble a collection of digital files that can be edited, sorted and viewed at any time, while taking up minimal physical space. You will save countless hours of searching and sorting by going digital.


Reverse Engineering

By reverse engineering your part, you can 
make any necessary changes, address design flaws and  make on-the-fly alterations.


Non-Contact Inspection

Inspect your parts in 3D after capturing its geometry with a 3D Laser Scanner. Fragile, small and intricate parts can all be accurately captured in great detail without casting, or molding, which can often damage a fragile part.




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