Say goodbye to operators' burden or process inefficiency. Just Fabricate®.

The Desktop Metal Studio 3D printer includes Fabricate software, which enables a simple and seamless workflow from digital files to sintered parts. It is a software-controlled workflow that allows for automatic print, debind, and sinter job creation based on the exact parts to be processed. It will create the machine instructions for each process step and track the parts throughout their processing.

Simplify Metal 3D Printing

From File to Sintered Part.

The Fabricate software is the brain of the Studio System 2 metal 3D printer. It automatically scales your part, orients it for print and sintering success, generates separable supports, and applies expert metallurgy to optimize fabrication. Simply upload your design and follow the workflow for step-by-step guidance. You don’t need to be an expert metallurgist or machinist to create complex metal parts. 


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Fabricate software is a step-by-step guidance digital workflow that applies expert metallurgy to optimize fabrication.

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Saving costs

With Fabricate, you reduce the number of reiterations and remove the operators' burden.

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Digital files flexibility

Fabricate software accepts various native CAD formats.

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Smart Support Structures

Prevents the part from collapsing and that is easily removed without mold locking.

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Fabricate Cloud

Fabricate Cloud is available as a secure cloud-based platform.


Fabricate Studio

Fabricate Studio version is deployed on-premises.

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Fabricate Versions

To meet any manufacturing facility’s needs, there are two options available for you. Fabricate Cloud is a secure cloud-based platform, while Fabricate Studio is deployed on-premises.

Fabricate Cloud:

  • Secure cloud environment
  • Automatic updates
  • Remote support
  • Remote monitoring via any web browser

Fabricate Studio:

  • Secured via physical location and on-premises IT infrastructure
  • Model & part data does not exist offsite
  • Can be deployed as an air-gapped/dark site solution

A closer look into Fabricate’s capabilities

Build Generation

Going from a digital model to a final sintered part is very easy, as Fabricate accepts various native CAD formats. Just drag and drop files to load parts into the software for automatic orientation. The software will analyze your print for each production step – printing and sintering – to determine the most stable position and orientation for the highest quality results. You can also manually orient parts in three axes to optimize total fabrication time, surface quality, or sintering stability and scale any parts in the build box. Fabricate features all the settings users of traditional FFF printing will recognize, such as shell layers, infill settings, and various support settings.


Fabricate_Build Generation


Imported models are sliced and turned into a 3D printing file optimized for the Studio System.

You can view an interactive toolpath preview to validate the part’s internal structure and inspect it layer-by-layer with options to view individual properties such as infill or support.

Fabricate software_Slicing

Support Generation

The secure, web-based software constructs build plans from STL or CAD files and automatically generates separable supports and control parameters based on part geometry and material. Each part is analyzed to generate a custom advanced support structure with ceramic interface layers based on its profile to enable separable supports. Besides preventing the part from collapsing, the smart supports feature ensures that supports are easily removed without mold locking.

Fabricate Software_Separable Supports

Job Creation, Monitoring & Management

You can build jobs with one or more parts to be sent directly to your Studio System metal 3D printer.  At any time, you can view the status of these jobs from Fabricate. Fabricate Cloud has the additional ability to send email notifications when job statuses change. Management functions include allowing a job to be re-sent and part statuses to be adjusted to a different step in the workflow.

Fabricate_Job Creation

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