Perfect Your Design Before Production

Welcome to the most efficient and cost-effective way to design a product. Functional prototyping allows you to verify your design before moving into production. Test form, fit, and function with an accurate representation of the final product. Our 3D printers can handle designs of all shapes and complexities towards helping you create the best final product possible.




Take advantage of quick, low-volume tooling and custom fixtures with the power of additive manufacturing. Embrace more opportunities with the flexibility of affordable and low-risk manufacturing tooling:


Built for the Real World

Use production-grade thermoplastics such as ABS and PC that yield superior performance properties such as thermal, chemical, and mechanical resistance on our FDM 3D printers. Take functional prototyping to the next level with well-built prototypes that give your team superior performance and certification confidence. Models with our Polyjet 3D printers can be printed quickly with soft-touch parts, clear components, working hinges, and even shock absorption. Combined with the ability to print in multiple materials in a single build, test your part with a hyperrealistic durable prototype before going into production.