From Idea to Invention

Concept modeling enables companies to accelerate their product development cycle and bring ideas to market faster than ever. Producing realistic and functional prototypes have never been so quick to produce and cost-effective. With the ability to turn out smaller models in a matter of hours and larger ones in days, being able to print in-house allows for frequent and quick iterative design changes. Sell your idea, develop your design, and bring your product to market faster than the competition.

Product Development Applications 3D Printing

Concept Modeling FDM 3D Printing Stratasys

Assess Manufacturability

Interacting with a physical prototype provides tangible feedback in the real world. Quickly identify flaws and design changes with a three-dimensional model as opposed to an observation on a computer screen. With a real prototype in your hands, determine how to produce your design to its fullest potential before investing in production.



3D Print Models for Investors Show Piece

Predict Market Success

With a physical model, allow your focus group to see, hold, and examine your product’s design before it hits the market. Communicate your design to target audiences and investors early. Get a head start on creating marketing content and packaging design in preparation for the final product with a realistic and functional 3D prototype.



Presentation Models

A concept model is a visual presentation of a set of ideas that clarifies the concept for both the designer and its audience. Harnessing the latest in 3D printing technologies, this process delivers a functional and realistic prototype designed to look and feel just like a final product for presentation and display- ideal for focus groups, trade shows, and stakeholder meetings.

Concept Modeling Product Testing Fit Form Function

Ergonomic Studies

To test your product in the real world, a physical prototype helps to assess your design’s form and fit as printing a 3D model can accurately replicate the physical properties of the end product. With our lineup of advanced 3D printing solutions, you can replicate multiple materials in your prototype such as rigid, clear, and rubber-like.

 Print with the Right Materials

Discover the best materials 3D printing has to offer. See our full material datasheets to find the right prototyping material for your industry.



Our Stratasys Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printers are the industry’s leading additive manufacturing solutions for concept modeling. Print affordable and durable prototypes with production-grade thermoplastics. Our printers can produce small models in hours and larger models in days. Finish your FDM prototypes with advanced post-processing techniques to achieve a desired aesthetic.

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Polyjet printing technology produces the most realistic models of any 3D printing technology. With the ability to print with multiple materials in a single prototype, finished prints look and feel like a final product with extreme accuracy, fine details, and smooth surfaces. Other features consist of soft-touch buttons, rubber-like seals, and even transparent components.


3D Printed Kidney

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