Fabricate® MFG


Fabricate® MFG

Optimize Projects on Desktop Metal Binder Jetting Platforms

Fabricate® MFG is an easy-to-use software tool developed by Desktop Metal to optimize files for the metal binder-jetting 3D printing process. It is a three-in-one platform that includes automatic nesting, support generation, and slicing. With Fabricate® MFG, you can obtain quality parts without requiring extensive training.

Enabling High Productivity with Easy-to-Use Build Preparation Software

Fabricate MFG is designed to optimize metal binder jetting builds for the 3D printing & sintering process. It is an intuitive and powerful tool with automatic nesting, support generation, and slicing. Users can configure part-specific settings to:

  • Orient, position, and scale models
  • Select materials and suggested profile parameters or create custom profiles
  • Automatically optimize fabrication to achieve high-quality parts




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High-quality Parts

Helps users to print parts easily, quickly and efficiently.

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All-in-one 3D Printing Solution

A simple-to-use platform with automatic nesting, support generation and slicing.

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Labour Cost Reduction

With Fabricate MFG, users don't need extensive training.

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CAD Files Versatility

The software supports all major CAD formats.

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Live Sinter Integration

It is compatible with Live Sinter to import material parameters & settings.

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Operations Systems

Fabricate MFG is compatible with Windows and macOS.

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Build. Slice. Support. Binder jetting has never been this easy

Build Generation

Once you upload your 3D model or CAD file into Fabricate MFG, the software automatically nests your parts into the available 3D space. It optimizes part orientation for build success and optimized print times. Nevertheless, you can manually take control and drag, rotate and scale parts for customized builds.






Fabricate MFG also creates an optimized job for your Desktop Metal binder jet systems. Cross-sectional images generate 2D slices for each print layer and images for the printer to read. For example, the software creates an interactive preview to get a detailed understanding of the part’s internal structure while allowing layer-by-layer views of the build or triangulated sections to review wall thickness.


Support Generation

To avoid deformation during sintering in the furnace, Fabricate MFG provides standard material settings and uniform scale factors to compensate for the parts’ shrinkage. The sintering supports help control this potential deformation. In other words, the software highlights overhangs and indicates the areas where supports need to be included. At the same time, the user can select the degree by which the angle of faces will be supported and overhead angles that begin supports.


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Did you know?


Fabricate MFG recognizes files created with Desktop Metal Live Sinter to automatically import material parameter settings. Users of other CAD tools can easily import pre-nested and scaled builds.

Fabricate MFG calculates an estimate summary of print time as well as material and binder usage. For future predictability, you can export data with cost estimation, pricing calculations by part and individual parts or build boxes


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The supports for sintering can be automatically generated with an optimized honeycomb pattern to minimize binder usage during the build, aid part removal and depowdering..