Metal 3D Printers

Professional Metal 3D Printing Solutions for Designers and Manufacturers

Our line-up of metal 3D printers provide solutions for the entire product life cycle - from rapid prototyping to mass production. For the first time you can affordably produce geometrically complex designs in-house or scale up to on-demand manufacturing in a matter of hours with the Studio System and Production system from Desktop Metal. Work with a variety of industrial grade metal alloys including stainless steel, copper, and tool steel.

2oneLab® 2CREATE Plus

Impressive 400 W Laser Powder Bed Fusion 3D Printer for Large-Scale Production.

2oneLab® 2CREATE

Open-material metal 3D printer powered by laser powder bed fusion.

Desktop Metal® Shop System™

A metal binder-jetting 3D printer designed for machine shops

Desktop Metal® Studio System 2™

An End-to-End Solution to 3D Print Complex Metal Parts In-House

X Series – InnoventX

Compact binder jet 3D printer for the production of metal, ceramic, or composite parts


Say goodbye to operators' burden or process inefficiency. Just Fabricate®.

FIGUR G15 | Desktop Metal

Low-mid volume metal sheet forming on-demand

Desktop Metal Studio Fleet™

The Desktop Metal Studio Fleet Scales Production Without Custom Tooling or Production Facilities

Desktop Metal® Production System™

High-speed, high-resolution metal additive manufacturing

Desktop Metal 3D Printing Materials

Built-In Expert Metallurgy

Powered by Game-Changing Metal 3D Printing Technology

Metal 3D Printing Gear

Bound Metal Deposition (BMD)

Bound Metal Deposition is a metal additive process by Desktop Metal created for their Studio System that heats and extrudes bound metal rods to shape the metal part layer by layer. This technology requires no hazardous powders, no lasers and no cutting tools to ensure an accurate, fast, and safe print.


Metal Production 3D Printed Part

Single Pass Jetting (SPJ)

Single Pass Jetting is also a metal additive process made for Desktop Metal’s Production System that is x100 faster than laser-based 3D printing systems. This technology builds metal parts in a matter of minutes instead of hours.