Take advantage of our 3D Laser Scanning Services to help produce accurate results is a short time frame



3D Laser Scanning Services 

Proto3000 offers 3D laser scanning services utilizing 3D Laser Scanners from Creaform.  These 3D Laser Scanners enable us to digitize your physical objects for many new applications. By choosing Proto3000 for your 3D Laser Scanning services, you are harnessing the complete capabilities of the best 3D Laser Scanners on the market, along with our in house experts. This 3D laser Scanning Technology is cutting edge and offers several benefits:

  • Create digital databases of your inventory. Save physical space and access your file in no time with improved organization.
  • Model parts in 3D. By scanning your item, and producing a CAD file, we can alter almost any aspect of it with the appropriate software. The first step to your new design is the digitization of the previous part - with a 3D Laser Scanner.
  • Perform 3D Laser Scans in the field. Do not be constrained by the four walls of your workspace. Our lineup of 3D Laser Scanners include portable options for your projects that you must go on location.
  • Reverse engineer your parts to create the perfect model. By 3D Laser Scanning your object, you we can make alterations and test new design features with ease and repetition.
  • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD and T) is a powerful technology used to describe an objects geometry and allowable variation. Our robust laser scanners are capable of this and we can provide you with a more accurate final product, with near perfect form and fit.
  • Verify your product's design with first article inspection.
  • Our software enables you to test objects virtually. By creating a CAD file from a 3D Laser Scan, we can easily test your objects repeatedly without damaging them whatsoever- saving you valuable time, resources effort and cost.

 Quick Turnaround Times
3D Laser Scanning Experts
Produce detailed CAD files with ease
No extensive training required! 


Advanced 3D Laser Scanning Technology

  • With many of our scanners, we can produce CAD files for you to within 0.050 mm (0.002 in.) of the original object.
  • Our 3D Laser Scanners are all Class II lasers, meaning they will not harm any part of your body.
  • With tremendous stand off distances, depth of field, laser cross areas, volumetric accuracy and high measurement rates, our laser scanners are capable of almost any job.

3D Laser Scanning Service Applications

3D Modelling
Reverse Engineering
3D Design
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD and T)
CMM Inspection
Portable Laser Scanning
Product Development
First Article Inspection
Custom-made Medical Devices
Non-Destructive Testing
Phased-Array Inspection

Pipeline Corrosion Assessment




Proto3000 is Your 3D Printing Service Solution 




The Technology

Proto3000 offers 3D Laser Scanning Services for those one time projects that need digitizing at you location, or ours

    3D Laser Scanning will enable:

  • Rapid data capture
  • Shortened manufacturing and production cycles
  • Increased manufacturing efficiency
  • Improved product quality
  • Real shop floor production changes

 Unparalleled Benefits

Proto3000 offers 3D Laser Scanning Services for those one time projects that need digitizing.

We can come to your location or just send us the part via courier and we'll do the rest. 

The process of capturing physical objects into precise digital computer aided (CAD) model, and for your object's geometries.

This process will enable you a complete digital representation of your part to be used for your reverse engineering efforts, quality inspection or at any point of a typical manufacturing cycle.



Collaboration Is Key

  • Create digital databases of 3D CAD Model designs and information that can be easily stored, accessed and edited, on-demand
  • Having a digital copy of the physical world can be of benefit to many designers and product developers
  • The HandyScan line of 3D Laser Scanners has a scanner for everyone - whether you are looking for colour 3D laser scanning, metrology applications, inspection, tooling inspection, or simply a CAD file from which you can rapid prototype or post process , a 3D laser scanner can be an asset in your business process


​With Creaform's impressive line up of 3D Laser Scanners, any object can be scanned in 3D. No matter the location, environment or ither factors, we can help you determine a solution and offer our services. From the HANDYSCAN line up to the METRAscan, our industry leading 3D Laser Scanners will provide you will all the tools you need to succeed.





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