Take advantage of our CMM Inspection Services to
help produce accurate results is a short time frame.



CMM Inspection Services 



The Technology

We combine industry experts and robust, easy-to-use technology to create the ultimate CMM Inspection team.

By forming a lasting partnership, our experts, along with the latest CMM Inspection technology, will assist you through all aspects of your product development.


What We Use 

The HandySCAN from Creaform is the optimal tool for any CMM or CMM Inspection related tasks

Positioning targets are placed on the target to help ensure extremely detailed, accurate results


Collaboration Is Key

Our inspection is performed by highly professional and experienced professionals that will present you with the most accurate and detailed reports and road maps, that are easy to read and to resolve your dispute quickly and effectively


 3D For Design

In a value driven and quality focused economy, consumer spending habits are focused on purchasing products that are of the highest grade

Simple and minor infractions in design or functionability can lead to very big problems later on in the development cycle




Development in 3D

Proper CMM measurement and inspection can be the difference between a flawless design and a recall nightmare.

Whether producing existing products, or developing new ones, frequent and scheduled inspection procedures would create a culture of practices beneficial to your company name and product reputation.

​Save money, time and costs while enhancing productivity levels and increasing your ROI.


It’s a 3D World

Prototype Inspection:

We create Pre-production prototype inspection for all purposes.

Tooling Inspection:

Pre-production tooling inspection and tool rework verification.

Reverse Engineering:

Digitizing and Reverse Engineering Services from Part to CAD model, using our advance analog scanning probe – SP600M.

Capability Studies (SPC):

Statistical Process Control is the statistical analysis of measurement data collected from the manufacturing process to determining its viability and making educated corrections to a process. 




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