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Create cutting-edge and highly detailed marketing models with our 3D printing technology to showcase your concept designs and prototypes. 





3D Printing - Concept Modeling Solutions - Marketing and Design 

Marketing is the process of communicating messages and advertising your product or ideas to your target audience. Marketing your business, your product and service is an extremely important function to attract your customers. Having a visual and tangible product or prototype to showcase to a customer is a very helpful tool once you try to explain a concept. 3D printed models are great marketing tools since they are a visual representation of your ideas and designs. Having prototypes during a presentation can be used as samples for people to see, hold and examine from every angle. 

How it works?

Whether you have an idea in mind, a sketch on paper, a 3D design, or even physical prototype, there is always a step forward to take with Proto3000. An idea or a sketch can be developed, and optimized using a CAD (Computer Aided Design) file, which is sent to a Polyjet or an FDM 3D printer.

You don't have a CAD file? No problem. Our 3D Engineering Services Team will be happy to help you design a CAD file based on a simple sketch or just by explaining the prototype you wish to 3D print. 

You may use single material or multiple materials to create your parts or model. Once your project is 3D printed, it will go through finishing touches based on your preference. We can paint it, bond/glue it, dye the parts or simply leave the prototype as it is. 

The Proto3000 Advantage

Proto3000 is your one stop shop for any product or service that is related to 3D Printing. We feature Stratasys' lineup of 3D Printers at our manufacturing facility. 

Our industry leading systems can print 3D Prototypes and models that are as close to an exact replica of the end use parts. We offer a wide variety of materials and combinations of materials to choose from, allowing a prototype to be made to complete perfection.

Having a Stratasys 3D printer can give you high–quality product models in just hours or a few days, without having to send your design offsite, and experience wait times until the designs are returned complete. The time from 3D CAD design to fully functioning 3D prototype(with moving parts) will be minimal. Not only will you be saving time, effort and money but your product development lifecycle will be greatly enhanced when you have a 3D Printer in-house.

Our 3D Printing Services Team is available to answer any questions you may have regarding our marketing and design solutions. If you want to speak to a LIVE PERSON - CALL 1-888-88-PROTO (77686).

PolyJet 3D Printing and FDM 3D Printed Marketing Models

PolyJet 3D printed marketing models are created using several materials including rubberlike, rigid and clear.This can be useful for not just the product development but also for the packaging development. This usability will allow you to get consumer feedback and to be creative with the packaging and the design without having to create expensive pre-series production molds. PolyJet creates exceptionally accurate 3D product models that have fine details and smooth surfaces. Acrylic-based materials can be post-processed to create painted and metallic finishes that make the models truly indistinguishable from the end product. Use accurate models in photos for marketing collateral that highlights product details and features, and to design effective packaging and displays. Reduce time to market by enabling graphic designers to integrate product images in collateral and ensure that packaging and displays work seamlessly with end products, well before it goes into actual production. Models built with Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology can be sanded, painted and even chrome–plated to match the finished appearance of a new product. Since FDM uses production-grade thermoplastics, you will be able to create a model with the durability and feel of a  final product.

The Technology Used for Creating 3D Printed Concept Models

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology 

Using FDM technology allows affordability and durability by printing concept models with production-grade thermoplastics. 
FDM 3D Printers are office friendly and they produce small models in hours and large models in days. The FDM printed models can be drilled, sanded and painted according to your preference to create a perfect finishing of your prototype. 


PolyJet 3D Printing Technology

As a 3D printing process, this technology produces amazingly realistic models. The printing technology builds accurate models by incorporating multiple materials into one automated part to create prototypes that look and feel like finished products. With fine details, smooth surfaces, rigid housings, soft-touch buttons, lettering, rubberlike seals and even clear components, your models can look the part at a trade show, a presentation or even during a sales pitch. 



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