If you have any questions or concerns about our PPE disclaimer and indications for use feel free to contact the Proto3000 team.

The Avid 3D-Printed Face Shield manufactured by Proto3000 is intended for general healthcare use as well as use by essential workers during the COVID-19 medical supply shortage emergency. This device has not undergone the same regulatory approval process as traditional PPE but is MDEL Class 1 certified and meets ANSI and CSA guidelines for face shields. The 3D printing materials we use meet USP Class I-VI and US FDA guidance for Intact Skin Surface Devices. Production of the 3D printed frames happens in our ISO-9001:2015 and Health Canada accredited facility where we have
full traceability on materials and processes put in place to protect workers and our customers from the spread of COVID-19. This face shield should be worn in conjunction with other PPE specified by Health Canada and is not a substitute for a face mask or respirator. These face shields are not intended to be used for protection against sparks, heat, projectiles, and debris. There is no warranty included with our face shields, if by chance there is damage to your parts after purchase please contact our team.

Face shields should always be inspected for any breaks or leaks before use. After use, safely dispose of infectious materials and disinfect any part you intend to reuse. Do not autoclave the clear film or use sodium hydroxide.

Manufactured by: Proto3000 Inc.
Designed by: Avid Product Development
Health Canada MDEL License: 11859

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